Light within

Light within

Is your religion your identity?


Perspective Puppet



Are you leading your perspectives
or have you become a puppet,
with your perspectives leading you?

I think having a perspective on a given dynamic is often necessary. We need to have a take on a situation. It gives us context and a choice of how to react.

However, we can’t fall into having our ingrained perspectives take the lead on every situation. We all have default perspectives. We run into problems when we continually use the same perspective by which to see the world.

Life asks for awareness and growth. We are to lead with our conscious awareness first, then form a perspective, not the other way around.




God gave the bird both wings to fly
and branches on which to perch.

The bird, with equal measure of care,
decides when it is best to fly and
when it is better to perch.

May we show similar awareness
with the spiritual wings bestowed
upon us.

Sometimes it may be best to “fly about” sprouting your spiritual awareness and thoughts. Other times, things may be better served by taking a perch and simply observing the flight of others.

Attack of Panic

Attack of Panic

Attack of Panic

“All things can be healed through color”

That was my mantra as I did this piece.

Do you every have day(s), weeks, in which you know you are “off” but you can not quite pull it together?
At one point, recently, so many things have been topsy-turvy and I felt so unable to manage as I normally would, I found myself praying, “I am not even sure what the lesson is in all of this.”

Normally, in even the most challenging circumstances, I am thinking about what I could be learning. I believe way of finding one’s authentic power is to ask- “What am I learning here?” (Can you tell I am a teacher? 🙂 )

My answer today was this-
This is just an experience.

My sense of being out of control, unable to focus, making simple mistake after simple mistake, not charging ahead, but lagging behind the curve are all human experiences.

Experiences, honestly, that I don’t find that familiar.  I normally sharp and on it.  Ahead of the curve at work, and enjoy rising to challenges- loved the adrenaline of it, actually.

But that is not the case right now.

When I look at that picture, I see a narrowing of the neck area. This was intended. I think this is what an attack of panic feels like.

In the image, the head is too big and too chaotic, yet with the narrow-neck, there is no space for the soothing energy of the body to move upwards and discharge the chaotic energy of the head.

So the head swirls into ever-widening chaos, cut off from its (HUMAN) support system – the body. The mind can be displaced and quite lost, actually.  The body can not be.

I am a human, having a human experience.

From where may the attack of panic arise when one has such awareness? Only in the mind 🙂

True Love

Sacred Union

Sacred Union

True Love…

To Merge, But Not Submerge,
the Self

Perhaps because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought of this image.
To me, it speaks about what it is to have a successful union (within and without).

A sacred union occurs when we merge with something, but not submerge our true selves and end up being engulfed.

No union can occur when we lose ourselves.

(P.S. I also really love the colors of this one 🙂 Happy Friday!)

The Ocean

Take a Dip

Take a Dip

In the presence of the Ocean of Love and Being-

Some will go and sit on the shore-
the egoic heat attracts them more

Others, thirsty, wait for a drink
to be brought and carried to them-

Others too hot to wait, wade in and wade out
seeking to lessen the egoic burn

Still others begin to wade in and remove
a portion of the water-

a teaspoon here, a tablespoon there,
in time, a bucketful or more

The Saints are the ones who arrive and ask
“What Ocean?” –

never once seeing the distinction
between shore and water.

I thought of this image as I was meditating. I view meditating as dipping your bucket in the Divine ocean again and again 🙂