Beyond Reason



Do you recognize your horizon daily-

where your Soul meets the Sun

and you see your destiny

beyond reasonable causes?


To me, when we look to the horizon or the Sun, we are transported beyond our limited view of our contained lives. We are reminded that we exist beyond the boundaries of our day to day living.

I think many times we try to “figure out” our lives and link things together with cause and effect.

I believe there is a large part of our destinies, unknown to us (yet for us to discover), that evolves beyond all logical, reasonable cause and effect scenarios our minds can create.

i think this is the magic of living.

The Sun



We sit upon the World
of our Thoughts, slowly
sliding over the edge
into darkness.

In the Light, we can’t
remember the fear of the Dark
and in the Dark, we can’t
remember the touch of Light.

The Light of the Sun, though, remains
impervious to our thought-less rotations
For the Sun does not require us
to remember, because the Sun never forgets.

I think this is what most of us go through each day. We sometimes feel confident, full of light and love.

Other times, we slip over the world of our thoughts into darkness, and can’t remember the sense of Lightness that felt so powerful.

The word Sun is obviously playing upon the idea of Son and God.

We sometimes believe we must be the ones remembering and holding it all together. This is not true.

Being human, we may remember, we may forget. We vacillate between the two.

No worries, though, for the Sun (Son) always remembers.




What if you were to view each of
your actions,
no matter how strange at the moment,
as an attempt by your body and
mind to heal…

Sometimes I think we can be very hard on ourselves. We judge our behaviors and thoughts and too often find them to be lacking.

What is all or your actions and thoughts are an attempt by your body and mind to find healing and end your pain?
What if you were to honor these attempts rather than judge them?

Taking One for the Team



it is all about you
and sometimes,
it is so
very not.

The above image is people (or spirits) flying into and out of the cauldron of awareness. There are times when we are facing challenges and heading into the cauldron of awareness. We are being presented with an opportunity to grow and we are just not quite there, yet.

Seldom in these times will we be at our best.

At the same time, we head into the cauldron of awareness, others are heading out of it, for the time being. Having moved through a trial or tribulation, these spirits are on the upswing, until they cycle into the cauldron again.

I created this to remind me that all transitions are temporary. Sometimes, we are heading into the fire. Sometimes, we are exiting the flames.

When we are on the side of exiting the flames, we must remember to be patient and kind to those who are just heading into their challenges. We can assist from the other side, just as we were once assisted.

Tipping Point

Tipping Point

Tipping Point

And within each us –
the interlude of equilibrium-


When I first created this image, I saw it completely differently. I titled it “Tipping Point” as I imagined the sphere rolling to one side or the other and falling off the surface.

Yet, when I looked again, I saw the sphere at rest, having found its equilibrium.

When we are in a state of equilibrium, we are able to absorb the vacillations of life without gaining momentum towards are own personal tipping points.

The more we pray/meditate/exercise/eat right/find fulfilling work, the greater our base of equilibrium is (in my mind.)

Whenever I write such things as I just did, I question my own sincerity. What a luxury it must be to have such thoughts and the belief and means to follow through on them.

I realize not all have this luxury.

I wonder if we could perhaps be a little more patient with those individuals who are in the time/space of life without the opportunity for a wide base of equilibrium.

How frightening and exhausting must it be to live close to the tipping point each and every day.

Do Not Seek

Pregnant Pauses

Pregnant Pauses

Your job is not to seek.
Your job is to recognize.

God is here and here
and here and here

in a a thousand,
million-fold pieces.

Seeking implies God is here and not here, and God must be found- some where- there.

God is everywhere- here and here and here and here- we simply must recognize.