The Ocean

Take a Dip

Take a Dip

In the presence of the Ocean of Love and Being-

Some will go and sit on the shore-
the egoic heat attracts them more

Others, thirsty, wait for a drink
to be brought and carried to them-

Others too hot to wait, wade in and wade out
seeking to lessen the egoic burn

Still others begin to wade in and remove
a portion of the water-

a teaspoon here, a tablespoon there,
in time, a bucketful or more

The Saints are the ones who arrive and ask
“What Ocean?” –

never once seeing the distinction
between shore and water.

I thought of this image as I was meditating. I view meditating as dipping your bucket in the Divine ocean again and again 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Ocean

  1. I like that! The last couple of months I’ve really been working on daily meditation and love the idea of dipping my bucket in the Divine ocean over and over again! But I also see my meditation as very cleansing, so the water metaphor is perfect for me!

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