True Love

Sacred Union

Sacred Union

True Love…

To Merge, But Not Submerge,
the Self

Perhaps because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought of this image.
To me, it speaks about what it is to have a successful union (within and without).

A sacred union occurs when we merge with something, but not submerge our true selves and end up being engulfed.

No union can occur when we lose ourselves.

(P.S. I also really love the colors of this one 🙂 Happy Friday!)

7 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Good saturday morning to you Kimberly… Lovely post again. IAM wondering if IAM going crazy and dreamed you wanted to participate in the february awakening challenge? You can still post and be included in the free ebook we are creating? and I was wondering if you would create the cover art again for us? This is the post to link back to… Love to you and looking forward to hearing from you. Barbara x (I put you down for february 2nd)

    • Oh, Barbara, oh no!!! I don’t remember this!! Ugh! I don’t think you are crazy or dreaming anything. I just can’t remember when I signed up for this. I can create the cover art and post- can I do it later this week? Or should I choose an exact date- Perhaps Feb. 16?? That way I have some time to create the art. Or is that too late?

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