Perspective Puppet



Are you leading your perspectives
or have you become a puppet,
with your perspectives leading you?

I think having a perspective on a given dynamic is often necessary. We need to have a take on a situation. It gives us context and a choice of how to react.

However, we can’t fall into having our ingrained perspectives take the lead on every situation. We all have default perspectives. We run into problems when we continually use the same perspective by which to see the world.

Life asks for awareness and growth. We are to lead with our conscious awareness first, then form a perspective, not the other way around.

2 thoughts on “Perspective Puppet

  1. I can’t remember the context of the discussion, but last week a friend and I were having a conversation, and I could admit, that my reaction was coming from my perception, and that I wasn’t willing to alter my reality just yet! Fortunately, I was aware of all of that because it is not typical for how I respond/react! I agree, we have to be open to growing and seeing beyond!

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