The mind believes it has created everything. Thus, it feels responsible for everything.

Take a moment. Look around you. List all the things you did not create.

Relish in the fact that you are a part of creation, not the sole Creator. Let your mind relax in this sense of participation, rather than responsibility.


You carry on many, many conversations within your Mind.

If you are not talking to God,who are you talking to?


In any challenging situation, ask yourself one question…what serves the greatest good, providing more of my energy towards this endeavor or less?

The answer may surprise you.


We move around, bumping into one another, seeking “something” to complete us.

How different would our interactions be, if we understood no one need give us anything? Each meeting then becomes a space of two complete Souls, engaging.


If we can not understand or grasp the power and beauty of what it is to be human, we will always struggle to understand the Divine from which we are created