Your Life does not often come down to how well you control things, but rather how well you relate to simply what is. 

There is power to be found in the ability to relate, to come to understand each situation with Awareness, while maintaining a sense of Self. This is the way of the Soul.


We are all playing a zero- sum game, some more overtly than others.  We take nothing with us…not a cell nor an atom nor a molecule. Likewise, we leave nothing behind, including the relationships we have built.  This is the equilibrated exchange of  Living.


The reason “detachment” is taught is that the force of Life has no attachment to a specific form of Living. 

The Life force is fully existent and present, while at the same time, fully detached, seeking only expression in any form.

Detachment is not an esoteric principle, but rather a means of embodying, with Awareness, this state of Being inherent to the force of Life. This is its beauty, which we are seeking