Meditative Control

Meditation Man

Meditation Man

Meditative Control-
Place the Mind on the precipice
and refuse to let it Roll.

I love this picture. I pictured the mind as a circle, sitting atop a curved point. When I drew it, to me, it looked like someone’s head atop the shoulders.

I thought this is what meditation is all about- keeping the mind centered when it really wants to roll in one direction or another :)

Infinite Life



If we only respond to time,
we are stuck in time.

Our infinity becomes lost
as we bind it to time.

As someone who is SO time conscious, I liked this image and words. It reminded me that I can not think in infinite terms if I am always bound to time- past, future, etc. Infinity is beyond such constraints.

Soul Strength



A Soul of considerable strength
and flexibility is required if one is
to turn and face the storms of Life.
Be such a Soul.

This image and posting is to honor those Souls who see a storm coming, and rather than crumpling and turning away, open themselves up to the winds and bravely hold their ground making way for the Light.

The Risk of Poetry, Art, Writing



In poetry or art or writing,
the Soul can not help but reveal itself.
The unveiling with
as the Soul silently
beseeches, “Can you see me?”

What a gift we give to one another as readers and viewers – we can witness the Soul of another unveiling itself between the words and images. And we have the power to let the Soul of another know it has been seen.

Why it is So Difficult to Detach from Narcissistic Relationships



“Relationship” Ending with a Narcissist

No love to take as you move on.
No care to grieve now that it is “done”.
No attachment from which to detach from.
No concern for you to carry you to the bitter end.

And you feel empty and want to let go, but continue on… wondering…

You struggle to let go because you never truly had the Narcissist.

The Narcissist was focused on self and only self. You sought attachment, you sought love,
you sought companionship. You reached and were met with emptiness.

The letting go of a relationship and love which are true is difficult but the opposite of having something is the ability to let it go.

With a relationship with a Narcissist, you never had it to begin with. You will struggle to let go that which you never had.

Be gentle with yourself. Realize what you seek can never be given to you by a Narcissist. Pull back the energetic seeking which only ends up in you destabilized and over reaching.

Turn the energy that moves towards the Narcissist back to yourself, where it can find something real with which to engage.





You tell yourself that so many “needs” exist
Certainly, you must reach and gather them

Yet, only one item need be grasped in this moment-
the next breath

Love this picture. Not sure how it evolved, but it made me think of how we grasp at things, when for life, itself, the only thing that must be gathered is the next breath.

What Narcissistic Parents Can and Can Not do…


When witnessing a parent with narcissistic tendencies attempt to parent, the dissociation between authentic parenting and the version the narcissist portrays becomes apparent.

Like most endeavors in a narcissist’s life, the behaviors in relation to context is “off”.

Narcissists can “love” their children. Narcissists can NOT love all of their children, or their child, equally and consistently. One or more child, in any given moment, will be the “golden child” while the other child(ren) will be relegated the role of scapegoat.

Narcissists can “discipline”. Narcissists can NOT discipline with appropriate context. Behaviors that should be reprimanded are instead encouraged or ignored. Behaviors that are part of a child being a child or being his or her own person are attacked and punished.

Narcissists can “relate” to their children. Narcissists can NOT relate to their children as if the children are separate individuals from the narcissists. The child serves as extended projection of the narcissist, and in the narcissist’s mind- no boundary may exist between them.

Narcissists can “take care of” their children. Narcissists can NOT take care of their children in a manner that meets the child’s authentic needs beyond the physical level. Once you move beyond shelter, food, clothing, school supplies, the narcissist has no ability to relate to, let alone take care of, the emotional, social needs of a child.

Narcissists can “play” with their children. Narcissists can NOT exist in the child’s true reality. Narcissists play-act all their roles in lives. When you “play-act” as a parent, you have not space to really be a parent.

Narcissists can “teach” their children. Narcissists can NOT teach their children to interact with the world beyond one’s self. For the narcissist, the sphere of life begins and ends at their personal borders. They have no ability to interact beyond these self-imposed, limited perimeters. Thus, they have no ability to teach their children to engage with the world effectively beyond self.

Narcissists can “help” their children. Narcissists can NOT help the child develop into his or her own true self- the goal of any parent. As narcissists can not see beyond “self”, they have no ability to help a child integrate their own sense of self. The narcissists simply controls the child for the narcissist’s self-serving needs.

Narcissistic parenting is reduced to a few key ides- the Narcissist play-acting in the role as parent in order to get his or her own needs fulfilled. Hardly the definition of a true parent.

The Push



Only when the Mind begins to open does
it first contemplate its state of closure,
and recognize the closure as its own.

This is the opening God seeks and then pushes to make wider.

Awareness and awakening is never a complete process. Each opening reveals what more remains unseen.

What the Moon Teaches

Moon Time

Moon Time

The Sun is the Soul.
Arising every day, unchanged by
The Sun becomes the consistency
by which our faith is trained.

The Moon is the Mind.
Traveling phases, evolved only
to return.
The Moon becomes the talisman
by which our wholeness is trusted.

I liked this image. It caused me to pause and think about what I learn from the Moon. The Sun is always so steadfast. It speaks to me as the Soul- forever present and beyond any circumstances.

From the Moon, I learn to honor the transitions, the movements, and the phases. The Moon teaches us the balance of light and dark, the seen and unseen, the revealed and the hidden, always returning to wholeness. It reminds me of the cycles of the Mind- always changing, but there is a wholeness underlying it all.