The Pain Body

Pain Body

Pain Body

In situations of abuse, it can be difficult to keep one’s mind intact.
So much projection fueled by anger and suspicion coupled with the “God help me, please let me make this better” internal demand.

And then we learn.
We learn-
the anger projected upon me- not mine.
the relentless belittling of me- not mine.
the rage flung at me- not mine.
the petty control of me- not mine.
the insistent degradation of me- not mine.
the words thrust upon me- not mine.

We see what is “not mine” and what a hard fought battle it is. We move that energy to where it is to properly lay and then we sometimes forget. We forget to close the loop and use the one thing in abuse that is “mine”- the pain.

The pain you suffered is yours- this, you can not deny.
You need to own that pain, because that pain (which if you are like me, you work so hard to hide) is the one thing that is yours that boldly tells you-

“This hurts and it is so not *bleeping* right”.

The abuse is not our fault, we did not cause it, and we need not own those acts. What we can own, and we must, is the pain the ensued. For this is ours, and being ours, it is ours to own. And when we do, we come to terms of what has been and what can become.

Why? Because we are no longer in denial and we are no longer hidden- to the one who matters the most- ourselves.

Note: I don’t mean by this posting that one should remain in pain forever. What I am hoping to point out that your pain is your primary signal in the situation and to honor that pain and what it means to you.
This posting is also for those who try to hurry and push others along to “just get over it”. Don’t do that. A person who is willing and honestly confronting/working with his or her pain is a person on the route to healing. The pain is a road mark on the journey.

Be the Wise Bird

Wise Bird

Wise Bird

Flight can grant perspective, but does not answer the question-
Will you speak of that which is witnessed- for,
Vision, without tongue, is not wisdom.


Tough day today. Even the art was a struggle, constantly adapting and shifting. Not confident.
Had to work and work with the image to understand what it had to say.
I saw a giant bird with a huge perspective over the land, but the intent did not stop there.

In growing awareness, we can, of course, gain perspective. In our new view, we are confronted with the question of what are we willing to share. I think the using of our voice to state what we have witnessed is the true call to wisdom.

I applaud all those who are brave enough to be the “Wise Bird” and not hide within the vision.

The Sense of Loss

Divine Mother

Divine Mother

Do not consider your loss within the narrow limitation of definitions.
Your needs are addressed in infinite ways by an imaginative Universe.

This posting is to honor how much I have received from some fellow bloggers. I will not list the bloggers or how they helped me specifically with their words- not because I do not long to honor them- but to do so would bring up an issue that may hurt another person if they were to ever come across this posting.

So I honor that fact that
when we are whole,
when we act with integrity,
when we are aware, and
when we are awake,
we have the capacity to heal one another
in infinite ways.

Internal Scream

Internal Scream

Internal Scream

It is when the internal scream rolls
into one’s consciousness and is finally

on its winds, the wound and horrors
long repressed, unbound

that the wise Spirit silently stands
amid the gale forces and refuses to bend
that healing can begin.

We can not know that Spirit is stronger than any secret until we release it.

Spiritual Wings

Bird on Perch

Bird on Perch

God gave the bird both wings to fly and
branches on which to perch.

The bird with equal measure of care decides
when it is best to fly or when the perch better serves.

In a similar manner, Spiritual Wings are bestowed upon us-
may we learn to discern when to fly and when to perch.