When your vision rises above your current circumstances, your whole Life will evolve.

You must be able to see beyond your current state of Being and into the realm of possibility if you want to express your potential.

Otherwise, your energy remains in an infinite cycle of today’s problems and concerns, never falling, but never rising.

Find your resonance within the possibilities that exist beyond you and place your focus there.


All of Life is seeking its potential.

Just because humans have the ability to experience Life in a certain way, does not mean all other Living beings are not fully invested in expressing their Life potential to the fullest.

We would all learn so much if we stopped to note how most Living Beings, without fanfare, drama, angst, or hesitation, fully commit to expressing their Living potential.

What can each of us do to equally express this potential contained within us?


We may feel we are heading from and into different directions, whether it be with others or within ourselves, as Mind, Body and Spirit seek their own evolution.

But, as we come to learn, we all become entangled along our way, searching together.

Our call is not to escape such entanglements, but rather use them to reach upwards – together.


God does not happen in categories of existence.

Every time we categorize, “this” vs. “that”, whether it be race, gender, sexual orientation and so on, we need to realize we lose a piece of God in the process.

God does not exist within any such categorization. But rather, God continues to be revealed in the Life-filled expressions that defy any prescriptive limitations.

Just a quick Update :)

I hope you are doing great! Thank you to those who have been following my blog for some time.

I wanted to let you know, if you are interested in participating, that I will be creating in the coming weeks, a new blog based on my Ascend and Transcend work.

I originally created the Ascend and Transcend program as a part of a program for my college students. Since that time, the program has evolved from only classroom work. I have used Ascend and Transcend with 100s of individuals, and I have been so touched by the response. So, I thought it would be helpful to others if I made this material more available.

The Ascend and Transcend program is based on the Arc of Transcendence (Choice, Presence, Awareness, Ascendance, and Transcendence) and the role each of these plays in our experiences.

Currently, there are several versions available: Classroom (Student), Employee, Teacher, Nature, Death and Dying, and Belief and Identity. Each of these topics has an accompanying book on (just search under Kimberly Harding, Ascend and Transcend).

I am going to begin the series with the Death and Dying topic, as I think such discourse can profoundly affect our lives.

If you are interested in participating, there will be blog postings each week, containing reflective prompts and links to a youtube video overview. I would love to hear from you if you are interested.

The new blog can be found at:

and an overview video on Youtube:




The “You” that you think I see has never been apparent to me.

All I have ever seen of you is the simple beauty of that thing we call “heart”.

I see the the whispers and tendrils of your energy, giving the world shape and form through love.

This is the only “You” that I have ever seen.


What is seeking your attention?

What needs to awaken within you?

Life is evolution, each part of you is seeking something. May the gentle focus of your Awareness stimulate these parts of you towards fulfillment.