The Oath of the ARTist



The oath of the Artist-

in silence
formed by lines
that will say
begging to be

I think this image is me as a artist. Silent ( in some ways) waiting for the lines (that begin and will remain silent) to say something and that “something” requires the reading of the lines by the viewers – myself included.

It’s the life of every artist.




We sit

upon the thrones

of our past

Shaded by the

Awnings of our

hoped for future

This is one of my favorite recent pieces.
I think we do build thrones out of our pasts.
We sit upon the memories and experiences as if they are what give us our current position.

And we hide ourselves under the awnings of our thoughts about the future.

We sit in the shade (darkness) of our covered thrones- caught between past and future- impervious to our own light in the darkness- the possibilities and innocence of the present moment.

Paint the World

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

At birth,
God, through your
gave your Soul it’s

Now, God plays with You and
“I gave you colors- now, go
paint the world!” :)

I loved this image and the idea that we are to each paint the world with the color of our Souls.

What colors would you choose if you saw the world as your creation?
What materials would you choose to create your vision? Paint, pastels, charcoal, clay, cloth?

Are the colors and materials you are currently using, symbolically, be the ones you would consciously choose if you stopped to think about it?

Deal with the Devil

Forming Self

Forming Self

I am traveling and went to an art museum today! yeah! (I am actually staying at an Art Hotel -which is awesome in and of itself). Some of the quotes on the museum walls stayed with me. One in particular spoke about how art preserves and defends.

I have always liked the image of art as defender. Art defends the truth and forces us to see what we would prefer to ignore.

I saw this in action this past weekend with my stepson, Henry. After several months of conflict with his Mom, Henry has been in therapy. For the first time in months, he was able to stay with her and made no phone calls about coming to our home, etc. I was happy that he had this bit of healing.

When I picked him up from practice Friday night, the “switch day”, he ended up crying in my car for approximately 40 minutes- referring to himself as “stupid” and “slow”. Henry cries a lot, so sometimes you just need to roll with it and be supportive.

When I arrived home that evening, Henry’s mom had sent us an e-mail about all of Henry’s missed school assignments. Apparently, while he was with her for 2 weeks, they did NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING in regards to Henry’s homework.

Henry is not the type of student who can direct himself at school. But, his Mom thought is was best to lie. She told us that Henry had said he didn’t have any homework. Any one who spends 12 minutes, let alone 12 years with Henry, would know he is likely to lie about homework.

But, Henry was not just telling lies about homework, he was signing on the dotted line a symbolic deal with the devil.

When we asked Henry about his homework situation, he stated, “Don’t say anything to my Mom. She is finally being nice to me. I don’t want her to hate me again.”

And that is the deal with the devil you make with any narcissist. You agree to give up HUGE parts of yourself, so they will not reject you.

Henry denies and discounts an entire aspect of his life (school) so his Mom will still love him.

And narcissists force each and everyone of the people in their lives into these “bargains”. Narcissism, as I have written before, is, at its core an existential crisis. The narcissist is forever and always in a life-threatening survival mode (in their minds).

So they take- ruthlessly and fearfully- because if you don’t give, they cease to exist (in their minds).

So Henry signs the deal with the devil, symbolically denying his Life, so “Mommy” can live.

If you have ever had interactions with a narcissist, and felt you had lost pieces of yourself, you most likely did. it was the price you were expected to pay.

Small Things



Warm day
Bare footed
upon the backs
of blades of grass
and tell me you are
not glad to be living

Traveling today. Sitting outside in a park. Could not help but stand bare footed in the grass. Some times it is the smallest things that remind you how alive you are :)

Seeing Eye

Silent Eye

Silent Eye

I want you to know-
when I look upon you
I see you with my
Silent Eye-

the Eye which sees and tells
no lies

the Eye that sees the colors
of your Soul

and weeps at the vision.

Do not attempt to cover yourself
from my gaze-

I have seen YOU and I have
found perfection.