Your Mind is not seeking God.  Your Mind is a tool being used by the God-consciousness to experience the world.


You are God living in the body.

I wonder how we would feel and how we may treat our bodies differently if we saw ourselves as God living in the body.

I also wonder how we would treat one another differently if we saw this same thing in each person.


The key to Jesus was not that he was One with God, but rather he did not deny the Many.

You can not be one with God, any God, if you deny the many. For the many are an aspect of a singular God.

Jesus did not deny any one, and, thus was unified in God.


Rather than focus on solely no disease, we must understand the healing exists in the body. The tissues KNOW how to heal themselves.

For some reason, we focus much more on disease than we do on the inherent power of healing within the body. Of course, we appreciate medicine and all the practice of medicine can provide us.

But, if we stopped to think about it, we would realize how much the practice of medicine pales in comparison to the healing which already exists within body.

Think of how many cuts, bruises, infections you have had throughout your life that healed on their own. We take these acts of healing for granted, that the body knows how to control damage, repair and renew itself – all in a regulated and coordinated manner.

Medicine has its role, of course, but let us also honor the profound power within the body to HEAL – with very little to no input, control, or direction from our minds or from medicine. May we all come to carry such knowledge and awareness as we seek to heal all aspects of our lives.


How would things change if we no longer divided love into “types”?

We can get so caught up in different “types” of love, as if love had gradations or a hierarchy. Heterosexual love is different than homosexual love. The love of a parent for a child is different than the love between spouses and so on.

Of course, certain actions related to the expression of love may differ, but love itself can not be divided into different forms. Love is love.


The Oneness of Life is expressed in multiple forms, as the multiple forms struggle to recognize Oneness.

The gift of the Unity of Life is that it expresses itself infinitely, in unique forms.

The uniqueness of this expression, however, leads, falsely, to a sense of separation. Seeking Oneness is an attempt to repair this perceived separation.

Not only will this Oneness be sought, however, demand will arise that this Oneness be agreed upon.

A great tragedy is to misunderstand that Oneness appears in multiple forms. No agreement on a singular form is needed.


Before the Mind can awaken, it must understand it has choices.

Awakening requires us to move beyond what is known into what is possible.

We can not awaken if we can not see beyond what we normally think and do.

The Mind must be willing to sacrifice its limited agenda if it to grasp the eternal infinite.


Joy, peace, and love are not things that you seek.  Joy, peace, and love are things you express.

We spend time seeking things that are not meant to be sought.

We create ways to obtain “more” love or joy or happiness in our lives.

We assess and dissect situations, wondering where the joy, love, and peace we are seeking are to be found.

Joy, peace and love do not exist except for our expression of these things.

You are seeking outside of you what is meant to be expressed from within you.


The Mind is for our survival. It has grown to think it is essential for our salvation.  The Mind will not be our salvation.

The Mind’s primary role, and perspective, is our survival. The Mind processes all events and circumstances of your life relative to your own survival. Sometimes, this survival instinct can, of course, be overridden when one’s sacrifices their own life for the life of another.

The problem, though, arises when we allow the survival-instinct of the Mind to guide our spiritual development. The Mind takes the principles of daily survival and extrapolates them into eternal salvation. Somehow, the Soul’s “survival” comes under the working so the Mind. The Soul does not require such “survival” thoughts from the Mind. Salvation was created by the Mind to continue its survival story. The Soul needs no such salvation.


No one can tell you about the God in you. You must discover the God within you.

God can only be known through your own understanding. The God within you is yours to discover.

God is unique to you. This is the gift of the God within you