Taking One for the Team



it is all about you
and sometimes,
it is so
very not.

The above image is people (or spirits) flying into and out of the cauldron of awareness. There are times when we are facing challenges and heading into the cauldron of awareness. We are being presented with an opportunity to grow and we are just not quite there, yet.

Seldom in these times will we be at our best.

At the same time, we head into the cauldron of awareness, others are heading out of it, for the time being. Having moved through a trial or tribulation, these spirits are on the upswing, until they cycle into the cauldron again.

I created this to remind me that all transitions are temporary. Sometimes, we are heading into the fire. Sometimes, we are exiting the flames.

When we are on the side of exiting the flames, we must remember to be patient and kind to those who are just heading into their challenges. We can assist from the other side, just as we were once assisted.


Shadow Life

Shadow Life

Don’t let your Shadow grow a life of its Own.

In Jungian thought, we each have a shadow aspect to our Being. In the simplest terms, our shadow is that potion of our Being outside of our conscious awareness.

In this image I am trying to point out that the Shadow becomes problematic when it begins to grow and predominate one’s life.

When this happens, we can truly lose sight of ourselves, as our unconscious, lack of awareness, begins to run our lives.

Evil is…

Evil is

Evil is

We make a mistake when we think the opposite of love is hate. Evil is the opposite of love.
In the spirit of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8-

Evil is intolerant.
Evil is cruel.

Evil does not comfort.
Evil does not demure.

Evil is not lawful.

Evil honors no one, as
Evil seeks only for the self.

Evil is perpetually enraged.
Evil keeps eternal records of every wrong.

Evil does not delight in hope,
but rejoices with fear.

Evil always attacks.
Evil always distrusts.
Evil always despairs.
Evil always abandons.


Evil always fails.

Of course, so much of this had me thinking of the attacks on Paris and how line by line those who enacted these attacks showed exactly what evil is.

The Sun never Rises

The Sun also Rises

The Sun also Rises

While watching the news about the attacks on Paris, I could not help but wonder about those who experienced this directly and what it must be like to take the next step in life and the next and the next.

There is the thought that always the Sun will rise the next day, no matter what horrors have transpired.

We take hope in that image and idea it represents- that a new day begins and we simply must be open to receive it.

But it is not true that the Sun rises each day. The Sun, for the most part, holds its position. We with our Earthly rotation are what rises to meet the Sun.

We rise up.

And I think of all those involved in these attacks who had to make the conscious decision to “rise up” that next morning and the energy such a decision requires and carries. The choice to lie down in fear was also an option.

Even in our darkest times, it our choice to rise to meet the Sun.

How a Woman in Menopasue Completely Changes Her Game

Menopausal Goddess

Menopausal Goddess

A Woman in Menopause

At one time, the Moon held
all the Power

Pulling Her and
creating the internal tides

And She was the shore line-
passively receiving its whims

And then the time came
when She inverted the pull

Her body, in its own silent,
timely way

Stopped responding to the
insistent Moon-call

And she smiled shrewdly to
Her Self, unbeknownst to all

Through all those years of
silently witnessing

She had been secretly
gathering up all the Moon’s power

And this allowed her to
transmute the game

She would still be influenced
by that sacred sphere

But the tidal pull had lost
its magic upon her

For She had reversed the course
and now held within Her

that which once had
a hold of Her.

As I write above, I see menopause as a very powerful time in a woman’s life. Sometimes, our culture tries to give us a negative message about this transformation. But that is ridiculous.

A transformation of such significance is, of course, going to contain a significant amount of power.

In my mind, I see a woman in menopause gathering up and capturing all the Moon-energy of her previous cycles. In menopause, no longer under the sway of the Moon as she once was, She instead uses all the Moon energy she had captured earlier.

Where it is Written?

Uncertain 2

Uncertain 2

Sometimes I wish my art spoke to me- just a few words, preferably with some verbs to let me in.

I create a piece and it stands- silent, asking for nothing in return.

I want to know meaning- and to be honest- purpose.

If I keep the piece, I want it to have a message, easily decoded.

I saw this as the masculine dipping down into the feminine.

A friend saw it as a mouth opened to scream in frustration.

I, too, had seen the uvula and wondered where it is written, when it has yet to be spoken, even in the quiet of the mind.

Silent No More- An Example of the Power of Voices

I will be Heard

I will be Heard

I live in a small town in Colorado and have been blessed recently to witness the strength and power of voices raised in objection to a wrong action.

Within our community, we have a Planned Parenthood clinic, servicing the needs of so many. Recently, the county commissioners decided to the not provide the funds ($1,500) that normally went to Planned Parenthood. The reason given was that a commissioner had received e-mails which made him unwilling to continue to fund Planned Parenthood.

Well, a wise, proactive woman named Ashley Johnson heard about this decision and decided to do something about it. She began a Go Fund Me campaign, Hear our Voice Fund Women’s Health. She had been hoping to raise the $1500 to cover what the county would no longer be providing.

The goal of $1500 was made and then some!! As of today, over $21,000 has been raised for Planned Parenthood and what it represents for women and women’s health. I must point out, it has not only been women raising these funds. Scroll the list of donors and you see the names of many men.

It has touched my heart and the heart of so many to see such a quick, definitive response and the power to witness how one voice becomes two and two becomes four and all it takes is for that one voice to speak and be heard.

The Voice of My Sisters

Did someone teach you, my sister, that your
voice loosed upon the world unfolds
with a strength unknown to any fist?

Have you learned, my sister,
that you must speak in
order to do more than survive?

The planets aligned upon your formation,
my sister, and now await the
ascension of your harmonious voice

What love, what visions
may pour forth when the folds
of your throat unclench

And are set to
vibrating to the
tune of your beautiful soul

If you must speak, my sister,
and of course you do,
let the question transform…

It is not “If”, my sister,
it is simply
“You must”.

You must, my sister, you must
free your voice upon this world.

Let’s not Confuse Survival with Resilience



Sometimes I think we confuse “resilient” and “survival” at times.

The use of “resilient” may be especially applied when speaking about children (and others) in difficult situations.

I have often heard stated, “Well, you know, children are resilient.”

I have also heard “resilience” applied to abuse survivors, individuals who survive natural disasters, and so on.

I am not taking anything away from these individuals, or the positive sentiments implied by the use of the word “resilient”.

However, one definitions I found for “resilience” captured my concern about usage of this word.

It defined resilience as the “capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation…”

See, this is what I think we miss when we use the word “resilience”. To be truly resilient, based on the above definition, the body (or Being) RECOVERS its size and shape.

I have not found this to be true in those I witness suffering abuse or other traumas.

Certainly, individuals are capable of moving through these experiences.

However, the original state of the person is NOT RECOVERED, thus based on the definition I provided above, “resilience” can not be applied to describe these individuals.

The body (or Being) of the person does not return to its size and shape- it has been forever modified by the experience.

So, when I hear people speak about children suffering or others who are supposedly “resilient”, I often transpose their sentiments in my mind and use the word “surviving” in place of “resilient”.

The term “surviving’ conjures up an entire different emotional sense and awareness.

We can no longer absolve ourselves of our collective responsibility for those suffering, by saying “Well, they are resilient” (meaning: We needn’t worry too much. Those who we label as “resilient” will return to their original size and shape, as good as new, once this is all over.)

We should be saying instead, “Well, they are surviving”.

And with the word “surviving” we begin to capture the struggles, and perhaps, more importantly, give up the ideas that all will be “fine”, because “resilient” objects, no matter what they suffer, are expected to return to their original size and shape.