Hope and Help

Part of Whole

Part of Whole

You are part of the Whole.
You Exist within the Everything.
You can not isolate Yourself.
You can not separate Yourself.
Your Being is a sacred space within
all of Existence.

My work has been very interesting as of late. I really like the people I work with. They are good, caring people. But, I have noticed a trend at my particular campus. We seem to be a group that ends up in worse situations than where we originally started. I don’t think anyone intends this and it is a little disconcerting to witness.

But, it’s as if we were to be playing poker. We are dealt a terrible, horrible hand and ask for 4 different cards. Somehow, the 4 cards we get are actually worse than the original set.

As I have been assigned to handle some things that are quite large, I was thinking “I need some help here.” ( I am normally independent, perhaps to a fault, at work.)

I was only thinking the thought of help. I really didn’t say anything. Lo and behold, I have received help from surprising places- help that I really could embrace. It’s amazing to feel a part of something that is attempting to be functional.

We are never separated and we are never isolated. We simply can’t be. We are part of the Everything.

the Call

Life forms

Life forms

You put out a call to the world.
You howled and ground your teeth.

And, now your call has arrived.

You wanted the experience, now
be brave and live it.
Open the door to whatever call shows up. It’s the only way you get to live and experience your desire, rather than just fantasizing about it.  You have to allow the desire the opportunity to take form and expression in your life. It’s the only way to live it.

What you Can Do

Save the World

Save the World

I wonder-
how much
of this World
has been
and helped

by a simple man
in simple pose

releasing bits
of the Self
as flakes of Love

soaring as if
birds of gold?

To me, this is an image of a man meditating. The sense of Self is well-formed (yellow ball indicating third or manipura chakra- the seat of the Self). This man is so evolved he is capable of releasing this self-will, bit by bit, as Love. May we all be so evolved. We can all release bits of ourselves as Love.

I believe a great deal of this world has been helped and healed by such simple aware acts by simple people.

All Together



With neither the shape
nor the form
nor the wings

only man would insist
that his “flight” is
above all others.

How can we be “above” anyone, when we have not the shape, form, or wings for flight?
We are all grounded in our own ways.
Some insist, though, even with the most awkward of forms, that they are flying.
Your Spirit may, in fact, sore. Your feet upon the ground, though, tells me you are on the same level as all others.