We live not in a time of self-awareness and self-responsibility, but rather a time of self-aggrandizement and self-justification. People mistakenly believe that justifying one’s actions to one’s self, makes the action “right”. We all suffer when self-justification becomes the standards by which to judge actions. Standards for the betterment of all are naturally found outside the limitations of self.


Very few can live in a particular time and place and assess it with an accuracy that transcends that particular time and space. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an example of someone who could do this. Thus, we continue to live his words and awareness.
Our times now need someone with his prophetic gift and the ability to speak and share it.


We now enter the time when feelings become facts. Someone feels a mask does not help, so this is a fact. Another feels staying home is needed for everyone, so this, too, becomes fact. Another feels freedoms are being impinged upon, so this also becomes a fact.
Feelings are not facts. Feelings are a state of Being which may or may not be related to reality. Feelings change. Truth does not. So we need to decide, are we to be run by feelings as facts or do we hold the space of awareness, awaiting to determine what is True?


Man-made rights may or may not be Divinely inspired.  Don’t act as if such rights  always emerge from a Divine source.

A  Divine  right is to live your life to its full potential.  Equally Divine is the right that no one is harmed by the act of you living your life to its full potential. 


I pray we are absorbed into awareness and knowing, leaving behind our individual beliefs.

We have become so accustomed to knowing, we no longer recognize when we do not know, but rather believe.   The inability to distinguish between belief and knowing harms us all.

Worlds built on beliefs falter. Worlds built on knowing soar.


A viral particle isn’t living. It must borrow the life of another in order to live. Thus, controlling the virus does not come down to “killing it”, but rather maintaining our lives in such a manner that we do not give our life force to the virus.

Our challenge is not the virus. The challenge is managing our life.