Body Coat



How ever would the Soul
germinate and sprout if not
for the protective coating
of the Body?

Just a little thought on the role of the Body within our lives and how often this role may be overlooked. Perhaps the body is the protective coating of the Soul during this lifetime, allowing the Soul the time and space to live and experience life in order that the Soul may germinate and sprout…

Owning It – With Your Favorite Narcissist



Never lie to yourself-

The Narcissist works very, very hard to OWN you

for one specific reason-
to fulfill a primal need within every Narcissist-
to eventually be able to exert the (perceived) power to fully and completely


Narcissist do not attempt to “own” you because they love you or want you or even desire you. Narcissists are always driven by anger and hate.

Their one goal in working so hard to “own” you (and at times they will work very hard to do this- they will shower you with gifts, attention, etc.- all so that your thoughts and feelings begin to be focused on him or her. This is the narcissist’s attempt to “own” these parts of you.)

The Narcissist does not want You, though. You are a prop, a set piece, in the Narcissistic drama. Nothing more than that.

And when the Narcissist is feeling heady or needing a power fix- they, after working so hard to gain you, will exert the ultimate power trip (in their sick mind) of disowning you.

With a narcissist, you are being owned so you can be disowned.

True Love

Sacred Union

Sacred Union

True Love…

To Merge, But Not Submerge,
the Self

Perhaps because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought of this image.
To me, it speaks about what it is to have a successful union (within and without).

A sacred union occurs when we merge with something, but not submerge our true selves and end up being engulfed.

No union can occur when we lose ourselves.

(P.S. I also really love the colors of this one :) Happy Friday!)


Stillness Power

Stillness Power


If you ask the Lion to be the mouse, the Lion says, “I can not BE the mouse. I can only PRETEND to be like a mouse.”

If you ask the Tiger to be the giraffe, the Tiger will say the same, “I can not BE the giraffe, I can only PRETEND to be like a giraffe.”

If you ask the Horse to be the monkey, the Horse will say, “I can not BE the monkey, I can only PRETEND to be like a monkey.”

If you ask a Man to be something He is not, He will say, “I can BE anything.”

Only Man is confused between what He IS and what He PRETENDS to be.

The Ocean

Take a Dip

Take a Dip

In the presence of the Ocean of Love and Being-

Some will go and sit on the shore-
the egoic heat attracts them more

Others, thirsty, wait for a drink
to be brought and carried to them-

Others too hot to wait, wade in and wade out
seeking to lessen the egoic burn

Still others begin to wade in and remove
a portion of the water-

a teaspoon here, a tablespoon there,
in time, a bucketful or more

The Saints are the ones who arrive and ask
“What Ocean?” –

never once seeing the distinction
between shore and water.

I thought of this image as I was meditating. I view meditating as dipping your bucket in the Divine ocean again and again :)

Soul Mantra

Envy of the Birds

Envy of the Birds

In loss or suffering,

Remember the Soul mantra-

“I am the Phoenix reborn.”

Sometimes we wonder how people can possibly go on after profound suffering and loss. As I was walking (in a beautiful snow storm last evening) and saw the lights from our home, I thought to myself “I am the Phoenix” – that is how we are able to carry on.
Your Soul can not stay immersed in the ashes, when the call of the Soul is to Arise in transformation.