The silence of the Mind is the signal for the Lotus of the Heart to open.



I will not judge.  

I will bring awareness.

Judgments, worry, and hypervigilance are not signs of weakness.  They are signs of a mind that is tired and working against its nature.

A mind in this state needs compassion, not projected accusations.


A single prayer of correction can undo any harm caused within your perception.

This is the miracle.  The altering of awareness of  perceived errors into righteous acts of Creation, removing the cycle of self -destruction.


It is the Heart that transforms the thoughts of God into worldly Soul to Soul connections.

This is also the Union, so frequently discussed, in all matters of Yoga.


Whatever is happening in your Life, please know that God is working with you.

No matter what anyone else may say, no matter what else your mind may believe, not a single part of God can ever harm you.

God is the healing you are creating. 


Subjugation is not the message of Salvation.

Prescriptions placed upon such an act of Love leave us longing.  Such a gift, if not wholly received, becomes a gift no more.

Salvation has no contingencies.