You are blessed to have no beginning and no ending.


If you want to see the world as God does, remind yourself to lose perspective. You are not an ‘I” seeing the world, you are an expression of God loving the world.


Each time someone crosses your Mind today, hold them in prayer for a moment.  It will change your life and theirs.

You would be surprised how often you are thinking about the various people in your life. Sometimes the thoughts are positive, sometimes not.

What will transform your experience of them (and by extension, your experience of life) is if you pause just for a split second to picture a prayer around that person. You do not have to pray for anything for them (in fact, we may not always know what is in the best interest to pray for that person). You can hold them in the energy of prayer, though, before moving on to your next thought.

You will be amazed how often you think of people throughout the day and how a second of prayer transforms your state of Being.


The Soul heals the Mind’s imagined edges of loneliness.

We are healed in places we imagine to be broken. We are healed in spaces we imagine to be loneliness. We are healed in perceptions we imagine to be failures. We are healed in wounds we imagine to be unworthiness. We are healed in holes we imagine to be identity.

We are healed.