Meeting God requires nothing more than you creating the opportunity to do so. The rest is managed by God.


Walking Wounded

I bow before the Walking Wounded, those Souls great enough, who see not their own bleeding, but instead pray to the Heavens for the sores of their fellow man.


Part of Me

A man who creates borders creates something to defend.
A man who creates chaos creates the need for clean up.
A man who creates fear creates the need for protection.

Only a man who creates love does not create the need for something further.



What if you are the Saint, rather than the sinner, you have believed yourself to be?

How would you change your life if you felt all of your actions were an the action of a Saint, rather than the actions of a “sinner”?



From where may diversity and toleration arise, when all are descended from the One?

If we are all One, there is no diversity, nor is there a need for toleration of the “Other”.