You do not come to know people by judging them. You come to know people by loving them.



Life passes us by as we live in the space between our forcible memories and fantastical imaginations.


You have been given the form of your Life. So many think that the Divine charge is to somehow change or improve upon this form. This is not true. The Divine charge is not to worry about the form of one’s Life , but rather the State of Being one brings to these forms.

Thread creatures share the same simple thread…the drive to live their lives to their unique potential. This is true for the ant. This is true for the tree the tiger, and the grass. And this is true for each person. If you think you do not know another person, you do. He or she is living that same simple thread.


A person of Grace is simply a person who can manifest the action that is needed in the moment.

Other actions may be a sign of power, but only an action that meets a need can be termed “graceful”.

Do not create chaos with your actions, simply because you want something to do. Be a person of Grace, one whose each action fulfills a need in the moment.