We think of Life in tangles and attempt to extricate ourselves.  However, nothing is more linear,  straightforward, and unencumbered than the expression of Life and Living.  May we come to note and embrace this simplicity.


We are also physical Beings.  The route to your Spiritual understanding does not result from your rejection of this physicality.  Rather, you come to understand the limitation of the physical to resurrect the Spiritual.  The physical will expire long, long before your reclamation.  You know this, yet you hope otherwise.  The physical can not be your salvation, because of this limitation.


What is spirituality if a man can not, or is unwilling, to transform his way of Being? Spirituality is not about placating one’s sense of self, but rather the culling of the false sense of Self to reveal what remains.  The lightness of spirituality emerges as one carries less. 


The Purity of the Soul can not be corrupted by fear, or will, or anger, or deception.  To this place You must always return. Only in the space of Purity is discrimination clear enough for incisiveness to emerge. 


In coming to know your inner landscape, you will also come to trust Your way of Being.  How can you ever trust yourself, if you first do not know yourself? You can not.  So much of our anxiety results from our own Self being a surprise to us.  Learn the map of your own Being, and see how your trust grows.


The purpose of yoga or meditation is not to be seen as an act of adding to You.  Yoga and meditation REFINE You, stripping away everything you have attempted to add to You, until all you are left with is You.  Then and only then can Union emerge.  You can not be in Union with anything when You are existing within a false Self.