A significant barrier to meditation is that whenever the Mind Awakens, it meets itself, becomes despondent, and quits. 

The Soul’s response to meditation is quite the opposite.  The Soul upon meeting its Self, merges into completeness, seeking nothing more.


Life is not chaotic. It is only our need to control that makes it seem so.

“This is Life. This is Life expressing its self^ is a beautiful mantra to remind us that the force of Life exists beyond us. We are part of this force, but its borders do not end at us.

Meet Life on its terms, not the terms you set.


With a sense of Awareness may you float above the waves of drama.

Existence does not require your emotional response.

But rather the joyful witnessing of its creation.


And in quiet moments, the Soul comes to know itself.

Not needing a mirror for reflection, but rather the space for contemplation.

And in seeing its Self for the first time, it is mesmerized by such perfection.