Your Blog Mirrors You



You write yourself across the page. The words arrange themselves into surprises, despite your sense of control over them. The writing becomes mirror of the soul, until, yes, even you, begin to see yourself clearly.

They are reflective, these words, showing soul and heart unhidden by physical appearance.

Look at your soul splayed across the page in letters aligned, marching to your heart, longing for you to see how lovely you are.

Words reflecting the self in ways a mirror never could.


26 thoughts on “Your Blog Mirrors You

  1. I love this! Nicely said. Sometimes people fear revealing themselves in their blogs. Try not to be too concerned about that, people love to see the real you. Sharing who you are with others can be kind of a nice gift to offer them. LOL, it does sometimes require you to develop a thick skin, however.

    Sometimes in the real world people wear so many masks, that it almost becomes an expected way of life and we forget that what’s right underneath the surface has real value.

  2. My wife is always saying that my blog is me perfectly. Before I started writing it, she was subjected to all of the nigglesome little details that were swirling around in my mind and frankly, she was drowning. Now that I have an outlet for all the things that I love and that bother me (some are the exact same) she can finally breathe again. And I feel better too!

    • I can only image her relief when you found blogging- a ready-made audience!!
      I have to say the one thing (among many) I have taken from your writings is how I look at signs differently. You are really adept at picking up the absurdity of how people try to convey information. I still remember your blog (I believe it was yours) about the weather forecaster on the news who would put up a chart each day of what you should wear- scarf, jacket and so on. those of us who recognize absurdity must stay together 🙂

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