The Excuse

My Soul

“For they know not what they do…” will always
remain true, when a man holds no accountability
for his own actions and washes free the hands and mind
with the man-made excuse, “In the name of God…”.



There is no “Self” for God to recognize.
There is God and there is no thing other than God.

So many worry about defining themselves before God or are worried about actions that will somehow recognize and define God. God needs no such things. There is no “Self” for God to recognize, as All is God.



Time, space, and place
are how the Mind understands its location.
The Soul requires no such
directional guidance.

I think, at times, we can get caught up in our memories or thoughts of the future. We forget that when we interact with life through time, space and place, we are engaging through the Mind and not the Soul. The Soul exists beyond such parameters.