A Star is Born

I could cry tears for days
and still not fill a teacup
of God’s compassion for
each of us.




Time, space, and place
are how the Mind understands its location.
The Soul requires no such
directional guidance.

I think, at times, we can get caught up in our memories or thoughts of the future. We forget that when we interact with life through time, space and place, we are engaging through the Mind and not the Soul. The Soul exists beyond such parameters.

Human Nature

Called Home

I become tired of what is labeled as “human nature”,
as if human nature was a limitation to be over come.
I have heard it is “human nature” to be envious, greedy,
and selfish, as if “human nature” were the explanation-
and not the conscious choices one makes.

I want all to remember that empathy, compassion, kindness,
and generosity are all, too, to be found within the nature of humans.

When we witness these, perhaps, we can nod, smile and state, “Ah, yes, that is human nature.”