The Art of Thoughts

Meditative Mind

Meditative Mind

Every thought you have carries with it the colorings of
your projections:
the black of fear
the yellow of hope
the green of inspiration
the blue of knowing
the orange of confusion
swirl into the midst, marking your thoughts as your
own Unique Art.

I was reading a book that discussed the “coloring” of our thoughts. As we release each thought, it is packaged in the colors of our past experiences and the state of our Mind.

One thing I have found helpful is to picture my thoughts being packaged in colors. Rather than stopping, there, though, I envision the thought from a place of neutrality and picture the thought bathed in white before I release it.

To me, this is the meditative mind. It places a border around our projections and associations and instead releases the thought with no attachment into the world.

Meditative Control

Meditation Man

Meditation Man

Meditative Control-
Place the Mind on the precipice
and refuse to let it Roll.

I love this picture. I pictured the mind as a circle, sitting atop a curved point. When I drew it, to me, it looked like someone’s head atop the shoulders.

I thought this is what meditation is all about- keeping the mind centered when it really wants to roll in one direction or another 🙂

Infinite Life



If we only respond to time,
we are stuck in time.

Our infinity becomes lost
as we bind it to time.

As someone who is SO time conscious, I liked this image and words. It reminded me that I can not think in infinite terms if I am always bound to time- past, future, etc. Infinity is beyond such constraints.

The Push



Only when the Mind begins to open does
it first contemplate its state of closure,
and recognize the closure as its own.

This is the opening God seeks and then pushes to make wider.

Awareness and awakening is never a complete process. Each opening reveals what more remains unseen.

What the Moon Teaches

Moon Time

Moon Time

The Sun is the Soul.
Arising every day, unchanged by
The Sun becomes the consistency
by which our faith is trained.

The Moon is the Mind.
Traveling phases, evolved only
to return.
The Moon becomes the talisman
by which our wholeness is trusted.

I liked this image. It caused me to pause and think about what I learn from the Moon. The Sun is always so steadfast. It speaks to me as the Soul- forever present and beyond any circumstances.

From the Moon, I learn to honor the transitions, the movements, and the phases. The Moon teaches us the balance of light and dark, the seen and unseen, the revealed and the hidden, always returning to wholeness. It reminds me of the cycles of the Mind- always changing, but there is a wholeness underlying it all.

The Meditative Mind


A mind in meditation will leap from point to ‘
point not because of boredom or lack of focus.


In meditation, the mind reveals
its self-appointed purpose.

The mind free falls through images because
it fears you are not truly infinite

The mind’s sole purpose (as defined by mind)
is to come up with a Self-definition of You

So the wheel of meditative meanderings begin-
the mind jumping in an exhaustive battle
to keep You as part of one and everything

And there you sit, in your True, Infinite nature
all but unseen by the mind’s wandering eye.

Once you understand how the Mind sees its purpose, you can understand why it exhausts itself in this endeavor that is sure to fail.