Soul touches Self



The Dhyana Mudra
completing the infinite circle
in which the Soul comes to touch
with the same compassion
it bestows upon the world.

Interesting little picture. The hands are in the dhyana mudra- one of the more common mudras.
I thought about the unity implied by one hand coming to rest in the other, as if completing a circle.

When we can touch ourselves with even a drop of the infinite compassion we long to express in this world, our Soul comes to recognize itself.

Your Soul does not recognize itself in your rejections, projections, and attempts to control. The Soul already knows what you have come to learn.


Seeking Love

God's Love

God’s Love

God’s love seeks you.
Why would you ever feel you must
go out searching for it,
as if God could ever be
separated from what is Loved?

I wonder if we love the sense of adventure, accomplishment, of “earning” something. That may work well and good in many areas of life. God’s love is not one of those areas.

God’s love comes to you.

To Live in Beauty



To live in Beauty
is to learn to dance
in the Soul’s rhythm.

I like this image. I had approached my art with the thought of having an image that represented my core.

Unfortunately, I was out of my typical black paper. If you are unfamiliar with working with pastels or charcoals, the paper is just as important as the items in which you are drawing.

Given that I now disperse pastel pigments over the paper and wait to see what shows itself, I really had no idea what I was doing. This paper does not hold the pigment in the same way, so it was some serious trial and error to see what would emerge.

For some reason, looking at the work as a whole and the question I was asking, this process felt “right”. I am exploring something new- both in my art and in my life- learning to dance to the Soul’s rhythm.

What are Willing to Hold Onto?

Hold Me

Hold Me

Your hands, created in the image of God,
only hold so much.
The heart may be infinite,
But the hand is bound by its constructive limitations

And thus, you must ask yourself-
what am I willing to hold-
the light or the dark in this life
for I don’t have space to hold them both.

Whatever you hold onto, you will carry it with you in this life. Wisely choose- what exactly it is that you are holding onto.

Returning to Yourself

Opening Up

Opening Up

When you were born, you were held
in God’s heart and vision

Nothing has changed since the time
you laid in arms at birth

to the time your steps
have crossed upon this Earth.

The sun sets in the night sky
and darkness descends

And we of little faith still believe
in the dawn of tomorrow

God has similar faith in you
If your light feels dim on some days

And you long to return to the shell
from which you were born

There you will find God waiting
to hold you in your imminent return and arrival.


I see a lot of people who are hard on themselves. They think they always have to be “on” and taking care of everything with a positive attitude and uplifted spirit.

Does this have a place in our lives? Of course.

But life cycles and we cycle with it. As the sun sets every day and we have faith it will return, trust yourself enough to know that if you need some quiet, secluded days, that you, like the sun, will eventually return across the sky of those you love and all will again be o.k.

Be gentle with yourself – always. The rest will take care of itself.

How Does the Flame Pierce the Sky?

I Still Believe

I Still Believe


Once when Life was Barren
and the World felt much too flat

I built a pyramid of such
stature and mass

That to reach the sky
became my obligation

On the way of climbing
myself up

I took note of what I
had crafted

And in that pyramid,
the life I had built,

I noted the flame eternal
seeking its rightful home

in the Heaven’s sky above
paying no mind to the land

on which it was formed
for it was driven by intent

So pure and true,
like the Spirit in you,

To pierce the Sky and
reunite with the Fire

From which it was
formerly born.

The Spirit within us is always reaching up. This we must trust. Spirit does not see the barren landscapes of our lives. Spirit thinks “up” and “up” and “up”. And we, in our most glorious and true moments, follow this command and transcend the bleakest of lands.

The flame of God is within you and burns true. It is the eternal part of you forever pulling you home.

Sometimes You just have to trust your Raw Materials are Enough

Beauty Inside

Beauty Inside

God’s Vision

God said

“Give me the raw materials.
Give me your Pain.
Give me your Chaos.
Give me your Darkness.

And I will choose,
for I am God
and I may choose as I see fit,
to see nothing

but the spiraling grace
of creation led by you
held within
my vision.”

In life, sometimes you just have to trust that your raw materials are enough and God will do the rest. The picture speaks to darkness and chaos that may enter our thoughts. But in the middle of this is the eye of God, which sees nothing but the spiraling energy and grace of creation.

God takes our raw materials- not matter how rough and unrefined- and sees nothing but the beauty inside.