Our most fervent prayers CAN NOT be to save us from ourselves.
We are better than this and more is expected of us then the continual use of this crutch.
We ARE the prayer. Live it.


The Tree of my Imaginings

Kundalini Tree

Kundalini Tree

How a tree appears to me-
Full of the Kundalini-
Strong and contained

I love trees and one message they always seem to convey is how to be strong in one’s self while being fully contained.
We don’t always need to run around with an output of energy in order to see ourselves as strong and valuable.
The tree stands with unending strength and no one ever doubts its power.

The Purpose of the Bowing Prayer or any Pose of Supplication

Bowing Prayer

Bowing Prayer

The purpose of the bowing prayer, or any pose of supplication- including many yoga positions-, is to release the head symbolically from the body, enabling the Spirit of the Soul to work upon the mind in freedom.

This is an image of a person in a bowing prayer position, in which the head symbolically ( and the mind, literally) has floated from the body and the bright colors are the energy of the Spirit working upon the mind.

If you do yoga or any type of prayer position, you will find this sense of freedom from the head’s weight is common.

Infinite Life



If we only respond to time,
we are stuck in time.

Our infinity becomes lost
as we bind it to time.

As someone who is SO time conscious, I liked this image and words. It reminded me that I can not think in infinite terms if I am always bound to time- past, future, etc. Infinity is beyond such constraints.

The Push



Only when the Mind begins to open does
it first contemplate its state of closure,
and recognize the closure as its own.

This is the opening God seeks and then pushes to make wider.

Awareness and awakening is never a complete process. Each opening reveals what more remains unseen.





Do not pray.
Do not bow.
Do not supplicate.
Do not offer.
Do not worship.
Do not chant.
Do not beseech.
Do not lament.
Do not recite.

For today, simply let yourself be startled by the beauty of God.

Seeking Love

God's Love

God’s Love

God’s love seeks you.
Why would you ever feel you must
go out searching for it,
as if God could ever be
separated from what is Loved?

I wonder if we love the sense of adventure, accomplishment, of “earning” something. That may work well and good in many areas of life. God’s love is not one of those areas.

God’s love comes to you.