What the Moon Teaches

Moon Time

Moon Time

The Sun is the Soul.
Arising every day, unchanged by
The Sun becomes the consistency
by which our faith is trained.

The Moon is the Mind.
Traveling phases, evolved only
to return.
The Moon becomes the talisman
by which our wholeness is trusted.

I liked this image. It caused me to pause and think about what I learn from the Moon. The Sun is always so steadfast. It speaks to me as the Soul- forever present and beyond any circumstances.

From the Moon, I learn to honor the transitions, the movements, and the phases. The Moon teaches us the balance of light and dark, the seen and unseen, the revealed and the hidden, always returning to wholeness. It reminds me of the cycles of the Mind- always changing, but there is a wholeness underlying it all.


7 thoughts on “What the Moon Teaches

  1. Love it Kim…and timely as I am contemplating walking up to see the sunrise this morning πŸ™‚ I receives you beautiful note, thank you. And I’m so excited for you to have your art at Zazzle…love the cards!! πŸ™‚ Have a super Wednesday ❀

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