The Art of Thoughts

Meditative Mind

Meditative Mind

Every thought you have carries with it the colorings of
your projections:
the black of fear
the yellow of hope
the green of inspiration
the blue of knowing
the orange of confusion
swirl into the midst, marking your thoughts as your
own Unique Art.

I was reading a book that discussed the “coloring” of our thoughts. As we release each thought, it is packaged in the colors of our past experiences and the state of our Mind.

One thing I have found helpful is to picture my thoughts being packaged in colors. Rather than stopping, there, though, I envision the thought from a place of neutrality and picture the thought bathed in white before I release it.

To me, this is the meditative mind. It places a border around our projections and associations and instead releases the thought with no attachment into the world.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Thoughts

  1. profound thoughts here! there’s many a time when I’m IN colors…acupuncture session, meditation and such, and of course, like everyone else I’m NOT ALWAYS, IN THOSE mind states, so when I’m in those meditative states I take full advantage of them! I relish being in a color, my mind doesn’t say ‘oh, it’s green or blue or orange’ NO the body KNOWS what color it’s in and it utilizes the color..for healing, the brain does not need to be engaged.

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