Pieces of My Heart

In night, In dark,
In bath, In steam
I pray to God-
be near to me.

As if God in one
and I in another-
Travelers unencountered

Of what illusion
Has my fog-brain

The warm temperatures,
I become
Porous and fertile
For awakening

My heart blossoms
In this mist
And there God sits.

Within the damp
Space, my journey Ends.

Returning to its
Lover’s embrace
My heart does not

In union,
My heart will
Not release,
And relinguishes pieces.

In the shattering,
It flings itself
shattered shards To Heaven-wide

In hopes they land
In the night sky
And hang on
Heaven’s arch

So others may
See what I had missed-
God’s love,
Forever in our midst.


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