Soul Ripples

Soul Ripples

Soul Ripples

You choose-
the Soul Ripples you send out into the world.

You do not choose-
the outcome, but you always choose your intent.


Artistic Redemption

Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising

My art has sucked all day.
Think- “mud brown” – for the color scheme I seemed intent on making.
My eyes were constantly deceiving me.
I would look at the picture and like it, and then I would see it in another light, or through my camera, and hate it.
I would look again and realize what I was imaging was not aligning with how the picture actually appeared.
Even my camera was not cooperating. I would take an image- it would look fine, only to upload it and realize the image was out of focus and shaky.

You know, sometimes I think the spirit is willing, but the body and mind are tired. I have been working on a very large project since June. I am down to having to complete ~43 key items during the month of December. (You know it it is bad when you are literally calculating number of items left, percentage of items completed, and so on. Have you ever found yourself doing that?)

I am tired of pushing and motivating myself.

My eyes were trying to show me today that I am just not seeing things as they are.

Finally, before I left for the day, I wanted to just play and the above image appeared. To me, it looks like kundalini rising.

This image reminded me of something. The fatigue of the body and mind are temporary, but no less real because of this temporal limitation Spirit, however, exists beyond such constraints of time. Spirit is always present, strong, and willing.

Sometimes, like my art showed me today, we need to be reminded that Spirit is stronger than any of our limitations.




Intuition is the sweet tap, tap, tap
of the Divine clamoring for recognition-

The crux remains- to turn and notice-
is to no longer lay claim to indecision.

First, I want to apologize that I have not been able to read as many blogs as I have wanted, nor respond to your comments and reblogs! We are leaving for a trip today and in the past week have put our house on the market, I accepted a consulting contract with a publisher and 2 of my 3 summer courses have begun.

At one point in all of this, my stepdaughter informed me of some task I was expected to perform, and she told me clearly that I was the stepmom and it was part of “the job description”.

To that position, I have subsequently submitted my resignation 🙂 – the benefits were not all they were cracked up to be.

Anyway, even if I can’t respond to blogs as much as I would like, I still feel that need to create some art and if I see a piece that resonates, I want to still pass it along.

To me, intuition is our connection with Divine. To follow our intuition is to move from our sense of isolation into the sense of congruity.

Of course, we can also turn a blind eye to such communications, thinking we know such things better.

But, the Divine, if anything, is persistent- tap, tap, tap-calling you to where you belong 🙂

When Everything Else Fails, Create a Ritual


Some times we have situations in life in which we sense a lack of awareness, movement, or healing.
We may or may not be living in denial.
We may have been reduced to simplistic hope, when all evidence points to a contrary outcome.

One thing that I find helpful to move energy and truly come to a different state of awareness is to create a ritual or some type of symbolic physical expression of the situation.

Above is such a representation that I created this morning. I won’t go into the details about the exact nature of the situation. It is private and not really meant for the blogging world.

However, I thought I would share the set-up. The blue mesh is something that is used for flower arrangements or something like that. I thought I could make it look like water, symbolically representing the movement of this situation away from me (down river).

I noticed the candle holder we normally have on the table looked like a bridge when I placed it over the “water”.

On the one side, a vase is knocked over, spilling its stones. The vase says “Love-Live-Laugh”. That dream in this situation has been overturned. In the vase, I stuff papers in which I have outlined my feelings.

The other side of the bridge (healing) has an upright, blue (spiritual) base. Around the base, are stones and gems in a spiral (rearranging of energy into a healthy mode).

Behind it all is a picture I had that said “dream”, as well as a piece of art work I had done that was laying around. It is of a tree and its roots.

Symbolically, the energy of the situation is changing as it travels in the “water” and it is being rearranged into a new form (blue vase) and this new form is a dream of mine which I hope to take root (tree).

If you have any situation in your life that needs healing, create a ritual or altar with items you have around your home. Every time you see it, it will remind you of the changes you are seeking. By placing this intent symbolically in the physical world, healing will occur.

God’s Prayer To Us



Give Me your Huddled Masses…
(or is it “Huddled Messes” ?)

Doesn’t matter…
God’s prayer to us may be to simply leave the cares of our prayers in hands more sure than Us.

Liked the energy of this image. I pictured people huddled together or the thoughts of the mind all huddled together seeking Divine assistance.

Come Fly with Me

Fly with Me

Fly with Me

Spirit only moves towards Heaven…
How shall we ever travel together
if you will not fly with me?

This piece speaks to the traveling partners we select in our lives. If our Spirit is set to fly to Heaven, how can we travel with those who refuse to spread their wings?

When you experience flight and someone else does not, don’t judge yourself for being the one ungrounded. You were meant to fly.