God or no God
Ecstasy is in living.

We wait to meet God in Heaven. When, in actuality, the ecstasy of God is to be found in living.


To Change your Life, Change the Alignment of Your Eyes

Come in, Come in

Come in, Come in

If you are not brave enough
to look directly into your own
all you will see are shadows.


Others may choose to live in the shadows of life. Of this, I have little to say, as the choice is not mine.
For me, the more pressing question is always this- “Where is my vision aligned?”

When I look to the Light within, I see nothing but Light. When I duck my eyes and turn my head, shadows play across my path and I cry out that I have lost my vision.

It is a commonly known fact that where the eyes lead, the body will follow. And I think it is the same with life- where the eyes lead, the life will follow.

The vision of beauty and light we each hold inside has never left us. The point is simply-do we align our eyes with it?

How Does the Flame Pierce the Sky?

I Still Believe

I Still Believe


Once when Life was Barren
and the World felt much too flat

I built a pyramid of such
stature and mass

That to reach the sky
became my obligation

On the way of climbing
myself up

I took note of what I
had crafted

And in that pyramid,
the life I had built,

I noted the flame eternal
seeking its rightful home

in the Heaven’s sky above
paying no mind to the land

on which it was formed
for it was driven by intent

So pure and true,
like the Spirit in you,

To pierce the Sky and
reunite with the Fire

From which it was
formerly born.

The Spirit within us is always reaching up. This we must trust. Spirit does not see the barren landscapes of our lives. Spirit thinks “up” and “up” and “up”. And we, in our most glorious and true moments, follow this command and transcend the bleakest of lands.

The flame of God is within you and burns true. It is the eternal part of you forever pulling you home.

Sometimes You just have to trust your Raw Materials are Enough

Beauty Inside

Beauty Inside

God’s Vision

God said

“Give me the raw materials.
Give me your Pain.
Give me your Chaos.
Give me your Darkness.

And I will choose,
for I am God
and I may choose as I see fit,
to see nothing

but the spiraling grace
of creation led by you
held within
my vision.”

In life, sometimes you just have to trust that your raw materials are enough and God will do the rest. The picture speaks to darkness and chaos that may enter our thoughts. But in the middle of this is the eye of God, which sees nothing but the spiraling energy and grace of creation.

God takes our raw materials- not matter how rough and unrefined- and sees nothing but the beauty inside.

C’mon…Be Brave Enough to Accept the Vision

Getting the Vision

Getting the Vision

The Vision

Oh, Lord, oh Lord
What a gift to be given

A vision carried
through Heaven

On the wings of Love
Of what I am to become.

Whether you believe in God (choose your term) or not- one of the greatest gifts to receive is a vision- a vision of what you may be. And we all receive these all the time, yet we often choose not to believe.

For it is in the vision that hope first manifests. Perhaps you are in a difficult situation- a tough marriage, unfulfilling job, a sense of aloneness- whatever it may be. Or maybe you simply have big dreams for yourself. You want to write. You want to create and you envision the time and space to do such things.

The sense that something is amiss is not just a sign of you being difficult. It is a sign of vision welcoming something new.

Sometimes we may think it is better to be numb, to just let the marriage or the job be “Ok” and move on with our days. Or we chastise ourselves for dreaming too big, answering everyone around us who points out how great we are with a simple “Who me?”

I believe one of the most profound things we can come to recognize is the power in the vision of what could be. God (or your term) can not swoop in and change it all for us. But what God can do is provide us with the vision of what could possibly become and this vision will, I swear to God, lead you all the way home.

I like this art piece. It shows the vesica pisces (my symbol for God) attached to wings from Heaven, swooping in carrying a vision. I chose to put a cross in the center. This is not necessarily a Christian symbol in this context. I just liked it.

God will Move Heaven and Earth to Find You.

God Reaches For You

God Reaches For You

Prodigal Daughter

Sometimes when I pray,
I simply say “God, God”
and then wait for the reply

and sometimes I am waiting a long time…
in silence…
with a sense of my alone-ness

until I feel the tendril
of God’s love reaching out
beyond distance and time
to wrap around that little heart of mine.

If you have ever felt isolated, afraid, and lonely in regards to your life of spirit, never fear, for God is reaching out to you.

For many of us, a spiritual life and connection are paramount to our well being. Yet, sometimes, God feels near and sometimes God feels oh so far away.

Here is what I think- each thing contains its opposite- to know God is to also live in the mystery of God. It is within our isolated seeking of God, that we come to know the divine is always near. God is always reaching out for each of us.

I bow before those who see beyond their own wounds into the heart of another…..

For the Wounded who Still Believe

I have asked God more than once
why those with the fractured self still believe

what oath did we once imbibe amongst all
the trouble and strife

that we should care beyond
all repair

Such belief, dear God, is not
for the weak of Spirit

The meek shall inherit the Earth
is built upon such hearts

The wounded healer is not an
imaginary type, an archetypal form

It is I, God; it is He, God;
it is She, God

the walking wounded who see not
their own bleeding

But instead pray to Heavens
for the sores of their fellow man

This is just a little prayer for those who have been so wounded in life, yet they still believe in the beauty and hope of life. And not only do they believe, they see beyond their wounds into the heart of another. Your gifts to the world amaze and humble me.

The Gift to Transform Your Life

Pulling God's Eye to Me

Pulling God’s Eye to Me

Some one, some where

Along the path of your Being
there may come a time when you meet
with harm and/or abuse by another

You will be walking along
you way and

Some one, some where
will decide they would like a piece of you.

Some one, some where
will decide beauty is not a part of you.

Some one, some where
will decide you made them mad and now they want to harm you.

Some one, some where
will decide to ignore the glory within you.

Some one, some where
will decide to see only the failure of you.

Some one, some where
will turn blinded eye as they discount you.

Some time, some where
all of this and more may happen to you.

And when you encounter some one, some where
who does this to you,

I pray with all my heart
that this “someone” never be you.

That you, my blessed friend,
will at some time, some where come to know

You decide who to give pieces to.
You decide to see the beauty of you.
You decide that you are beyond harm.
You decide to see the glory in you.
You decide to see success in you.

You decide, my dear friend,
simply this-

All the decisions about you can
be made by you and all the love you have to give.

–Still consulting, so little time to write and even less time to read. I have so missed enjoying the words of so many blogs I read.

The poem speaks to being hurt and the choice we all have upon encountering the poor actions of others. Yes, we can turn the other cheek, we can take the higher road and so on.

But, I have come to learn this- the important gift we can give ourselves is to decide differently in regards to what we will accept on the part of another. We must learn to never take the negative energy and harmful actions of others upon ourselves and turn it inward.

We should never be the one who does not recognize our own beauty or own successes. We should never be the one on life’s path who is negative and demeaning to ourselves.

It is my most sincere prayer for you- that you never once lie to yourself and refuse to see your own glory, or choose to harm yourself, or turn a blinded eye towards yourself and all that you have to give.

You are a blessing to the world, do not be the one to harm yourself. Love yourself- it is a great gift you have to give.