You are Already in Heaven

Heaven Touches

Heaven Touches

You wonder where Heaven is
You wonder if you will arrive

the tale of old has
somehow grown cold

You reach up to touch the star
looking for solace and peace

A place in the world
so you can release

In the reaching up, you find
Heaven on its way down

You pierce the clouds of your
own imaginings

Looking around, you see
Heaven surrounds.

I have always been confused by religions that place Heaven as a time and place in the future. Of course, it is an effective means of obtaining desired behaviors. You threaten that someone will miss out on the ultimate future prize if they do not follow the rules and laws of the present time. No one knows for certain, so people err on the side of caution and bide their time until Heaven’s call.

Just because it is an effective means of eliciting certain behaviors does not mean such thinking is at all true. Heaven is already here. Heaven is life. That is the gift. Of course in our human-ness, there is suffering, confusion, and pain. These do not however diminish the sense of Heaven in our present world. We were born INTO Heaven. It’s just that we sometimes forget.

Spilling Your Love into the World

May we each awaken the love within each of us, and let it spill unto the world.

The Alchemical Nature

In dark, of which I meditate-
literal and metaphorical-
I seek with blind man’s hands
the alchemical vessel.

Only to have whispered
back to me-
my mantric chant-
“It is I, I seek”

I, with my beating heart
and churning brain,
am the vessel of creation
upon this plane.

The words cataclysmic and
catalystic as I awaken
my Being from its

The “I” of which I chant
has Become and
has removed itself
from floored position

Instead of complacency,
my soul bursts to action,
What Joy! What Hope!
What Love!

And God and I whisper
in conspiracy-
What life shall
I live?

Now I know and now
I believe
In me is all the love
I will ever need.

I pray and I hope
that I boil, froth,
and overspill, revealing
the love that burns within

If I am to be vessel
in this life,
I pray- let me be cauldron
and not sealed container.

Pieces of My Heart

In night, In dark,
In bath, In steam
I pray to God-
be near to me.

As if God in one
and I in another-
Travelers unencountered

Of what illusion
Has my fog-brain

The warm temperatures,
I become
Porous and fertile
For awakening

My heart blossoms
In this mist
And there God sits.

Within the damp
Space, my journey Ends.

Returning to its
Lover’s embrace
My heart does not

In union,
My heart will
Not release,
And relinguishes pieces.

In the shattering,
It flings itself
shattered shards To Heaven-wide

In hopes they land
In the night sky
And hang on
Heaven’s arch

So others may
See what I had missed-
God’s love,
Forever in our midst.

The Purpose of Living

I have been a bit out of the loop having attended a conference at the end of last week. My husband was able to travel with me and we were blessed with a lovely condo on a lake in Colorado. When you are in a situation such as this, you are struck by the joy of living. For you it may be mountains, the ocean, your children, a quiet moment- whatever the form- you know when you are in this sacred space. At once, you feel like laughing, smiling, and crying in joy and relief that yes, yes, this is why you are here-you sense your own love, light, compassion, and beauty- and you realize you are surrounded by the same.

Honestly, we are surrounded by these things all the time. Seldom though do we stop to notice them. On this day, I did.

Plane of Life

My God, My God
You called to me.

Today my heart
answers with
fervent glee.

Two lovers on
the plane of life.

How blessed are we?

You are the Miracle You Seek

Funny thing about prayer – we pray as if almost everything is outside of us. Lately, during my prayers I have turned my seeking inwards, for there I will find what I seek.

That Which I Seek

God, when
I pray to Thee,
may I come to know
that which I seek

God, when I pray
for peace,
None need be granted,
for I am the peace I seek.

God, when I pray
for hope,
None need be granted,
for I am the hope I seek.

God, when I pray
for love,
None need be granted,
for I am the love I seek.

God, when I pray
for joy,
None need be granted,
for I am the joy I seek.

God, when I pray
for a miracle,
None need be granted,
for I am the miracle I seek.

God, when I pray
for You,
No vision needed.
I turn inward and
there I find You,
granting every prayer.

For Getting Through Today


I sit and
I pray quietly

to the God
within me.

in silence,
we commiserate.
My God and me.

My hearts speaks
and worries.
My tongue

Such is communion
with God
and still I will
be understood.

Today, God is on my side.
Of this, I must remind myself.

Sometimes we can have so much going on that we truly do not know what to do next. Our intuition, which we have relied on in the past, seems direction-less. For today, it is enough to sit and pray, and wait, knowing someone is by your side.

This posting today was mostly inspired by the fact I need to see a doctor about my knee. Apparently, living in denial has not been the healing mechanism I thought it would be 🙂

Bending Your Will to Love

Iron Will

Oh God, Oh God
I pray to thee
Count my years in
Days of Love.

My heart pounds against iron
walls of will,
beating as if fear and
force may bend.

Apprehension drives
my pushing out
hoping to topple walls,
that I may finally breathe
and believe.

And still, You are before me-
against my body,
mindful and watchful-

The obstacles are not Yours.
They are mine.
O Lord, please forgive me.

If it be your wish
May I bend and acquiesce
And learn the gift of Love.

Little poem about life and how hard we are sometimes working to simply survive, breathe, and believe. It’s as if our hearts are beating against iron, as if our force of will keeps everything going. Perhaps the iron walls are only in our imagination. Maybe, our heart beats not of will but of love.

Loving Your Broken Places

I have always been the “strong type”, priding myself on a sense of invincibility. Lately, though, I have been feeling a bit more fragile, porous almost.

I actually feel broken in a few places. I look at some of my actions and wonder “Why?” – Why didn’t I see that sooner? Why didn’t I choose a different route? Why do I seem to struggle with some things in life that others get so easily?

Yet, I prayed and thought about this and realized our broken places are also a gift. When you feel broken and porous and too fragile for the world, the spaces within you may simply be spaces of possibilities- places from which your light may shine through.

The Possibilities in Vulnerability

Along the road to Oz,
seeking God,
I had traveled as impermeable
with the courage the lion sought.

Now, I am a straw-person,
fragile and floppy

I wonder at the irony
of my ever being frightening,
as life lands upon my poles

Like crows to a flocking –
calling Caw! Caw! Caw! in mocking.

My limbs move in mirror movements
and betwixt my stands I see-
light pouring through me

And in my vision, God unveils
in the glow and
this I know-

Un-fragile and solid
were never meant to be,
for what space would
be left for God to love me?

The True Gift of Prayer – Love

The prayers we utter are not found in our requests or apologies to the God(s) we worship. Nor is the gift of prayer always found in the adoration of such God(s). The true gift of prayer is love. Within the blackness, the darkness of our shut eyes, when all we hear is our own chatter and attempts at union, there the touch of God(s) resides. No matter what we bring to this place- our own darkness, worry, anger, depression, weariness, the prayer is the gift of our own making, returning to us, in the simple act of opening, the wrapping of the cloak of love.

The Gift of Prayer

In the whispered
you find…

Eyes held shut
And still they see
Wide open in the blackness

Here lay the compassion,
the hope, the dream
of the living

and still no one sees

That love descends
and all is forgiven

In the end
In that space
of open nothingness
Does God touch

The prayer is not in the request
or beseechment or adoration

The prayer is the gift-
To touch God’s love
In such blackness.

As God So Loves You…

Pick Me

Pick Me

Sometimes when it feels as if it is falling apart, that we have fallen short of our ideals again- in the form of behavior, thoughts, or words, it is best to pause and understand that we are not failures. And, as importantly, we do not need to fix and compensate for anything in our lives in a desperate attempt to be “good enough”. I do not know your view of G(g)od, but regardless, the spirit of love and acceptance for ourselves is needed. I chose to use the image of God in this poem to carry this energy, but I pray that anyone may find this beauty of acceptance within him or herself, whatever form that may take.

Pick Me, God

“Pick me, God,”
she whispered

“Pick me” was her prayer

She had to pray-
to compensate-
for she saw herself
as “not enough”

She believed in her failure
Thus, convinced

She presented life to God
And hoped for acceptance,
And the outside chance of

And she prayed for a vision.

God did her one better-
And gave her the vision to Love

And in this-
The Holy act of Communion
Came to her.

“This is how much I love You,”
was God’s whispered response to
Her whispered prayer.