When the true Self is found, nothing remains for which to seek.



God is not seeking your optimism, nor your pessimism.
God is seeking your awareness.


We spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting, dividing, and identifying each little bit of ourselves.

We are highly attracted to the idea of our uniqueness.

Won’t it be a real kicker, then, when we take this need its ultimate level.

There we will find much to our dismay that we’re all the same … a pile of molecules… carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and some sulfur and phosphate thrown in.


Buddha can not be found in your Mind.
Christ can not be found in your Mind.
God can not be found in your Mind.
Allah can not be found in your Mond.
Shiva can not be found in your Mind.
Stop looking with your Mind. You find them in Your Being.


You act as if your Mind can give you Life.
Your Mind can not give you Life, because you are not your mind.
Go beyond the Mind. That is where you find Life.

Small acts

There are no large acts in life. Everything hinges on the smallest of acts. How do we know this? Because nothing gets done in this life without the small, essential act of breathing.

Remember this whenever you wonder if your small acts in life matter…they do, profoundly…for nothing exists without these acts.