The only thoughts that are complete in and of themselves are thoughts of God.

Every other type of thought simply creates more thoughts.

This is why prayer and meditation are calming for the Mind. By focusing on God, the Mind becomes quiet.


In any situation, do not offer your fear and worries. Instead, before speaking of such things, slow down.

Center your understanding and offer your blessings. You will transform the moment.


The Mind of God is neutral.

It serves as the axis for creation.

We can learn to create similarly. Let the Mind be neutral first, rather than projecting, before engaging in creation.


The consciousness of God is love and evolution.

The mind of God is neutral.

We keep projecting our own limitations upon this neutrality, only to be overcome again and again by the conscious movements of God towards goodness and love.


The power of the sense of Self is when it recognizes its Divinty. Until this point, much energy is wasted in false creations that require defense and explanation.

Once the Self knows who It is, power is no longer wasted but employed, so Life appears to transform.


You grow and fill your Heart not for your benefit, but rather so you can feed and carry another Heart along with you.

This is the way you have been sustained by Divine Love since you began this Form.