A man who finds Union within himself also finds Union with God.

A man who trusts himself also trusts God.

A man who has faith in his own actions also has faith in the actions of God.

God can only appear where a man has tread himself. Those who never travel never find God.


We are all a bundle of possibilities.

But, we can become so set upon the one form we are creating.

Yet, when we look to the Heavens we see a myriad of forms that may fulfill our needs.

Awareness is the understanding of these possibilities, available to each of us, ready to be pulled into existence.


We are all wandering Spiritualists, following a path written in a language we have yet to understand.

Yet, there is something uplifting in these wanderings, a chance for the Soul to test its navigational bearings.

Each tripping its way to the Truth that has never left any of us.

I am not sure about this image, other than a Cobra near a beehive kept appearing in my dreams, so I created it to honor it.😊


The qualities of Life exist as one expression of fulfillment.  We are lucky to have our own manifestations within this expression.

We are equally blessed to have conscious Awareness of such fulfillment.

The question has always been not only what do you do with this Life, but also what do you do with this Awareness of Living?


Each Soul had a protective covering, a shield, wrapped in the love of God, shading the Soul’s wanderings.

The Soul is never removed from this protection, as it is a weaving between each Soul and God, created and formed prayer by prayer.

Inscribed upon this protection are the words of each and every prayer…spoken by God to the Soul and from the Soul to God – a written legacy of love.


Each night, God comes to each of us, whispering words of hope and peace, in a language so many forget each day.

Yet, the Heart remembers and so does the Soul, each lulled to sleep by the sound of His calling.

The whispered words become the stitching, binding us to the next day.


The flame of our Existence evolves from the intentionality of Creation.

We cannot extinguish this Spark, even if we longed to do so.

It is our mark upon the Universe, what we consume and what flickers forth, scorching our path across the Heavens.


So much of Life is spent finding the pieces of your Soul you have perceived to have been left behind.

In reality, nothing of such importance can either be lost or left behind.

Rather, the pieces you are perceiving are mirages of you Mind’s creation, convincing you of a loss you have never experienced.

Your Soul, like all Souls, is complete and intact, having lost nothing along this journey.


The expressions of the Soul may be hidden by the reactions of the Mind. 

It is only by our compassionate Awareness that the veil of the Mind becomes permeated by the Light of the Soul.

You can not think your way to the Soul. You must be simply willing to embrace and call forth its existence.


Whatever support you need, God has already created it and is bringing it to you.

This is the miraculous part of us knowing God, as our Soul is an emanation of this God.

Life can not deny its Self and God will not deny you.