Awakening Journey

Transforming Flames

Transforming Flames

To awaken
is to handle
the flames of
while remaining intact.

This blog is part of a February series run by Barb at the wonderful Me My Magnificent Self.

This series deals with people’s journeys of awakening. I have to admit, I think I am posting this a day late (sorry, Barbara! My husband had minor surgery yesterday, and I missed the note in my agenda to post this 😦 ).

I believe that to put energy towards our own awakening is the most profound act we can undertake in our lives.
Our individual awakening is the only route to the awakening of the world.
Awakening enables us to touch the power deep within us. No longer are we subject to the whims and of life in the same way.
WE can be put in the flames of transformation and still we will remain whole and centered, no longer separated into fragmented parts.

Upcoming postings include New Earth Paradigm and Meticulous Mick.

12 thoughts on “Awakening Journey

  1. Your words Kim always manage to find the hearts and souls that long for freedom… Thank you so much for joining this creative endeavour to show how life can be if we all allow. I love the artwork too. Can we use this? Love to you and your hubby xxx Barbara

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