Man’s Separation

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

God was once asked-
How did You separate Man from other Creations?

Was it Man’s intellect? No. Was it Man’s thoughts? No. Was it Man’s body? No.
Mind? No. Heart? No. Will? No

God answered,
“To the Zebra, I gave stripes.
To the Giraffe, a long neck.
To the Tiger, claws.
To the Owl, eyes.
To the Grass, fertility.
To the Tree, resiliency.

But to Man,
to Man,
I gave Hope
and that has made all the difference.”

I think a sense of hope unifies us all. We may not always agree with what another hopes for, but each and everyone exists in hope.
I think we should always be gentle with the hopes of another- whether we deem them realistic or not. Sometimes, hope is all that one has to transform one’s world.


3 thoughts on “Man’s Separation

  1. Hope is the one item left in Pandora’s box (if I remember anything about mythology), and that is the real reason it should never be opened again, because despite everything that got lose, we are all going to be okay because we still have Hope.

    In the Percy Jackson series of books, the goddess Hestia comes up to Mt. Olympus while the big fight is going on, and she is given the box to hold, and keep safe, keeping Hope warm by the fireside.

    So yes, Hope makes all the difference! 😀

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