Beyond Reason



Do you recognize your horizon daily-

where your Soul meets the Sun

and you see your destiny

beyond reasonable causes?


To me, when we look to the horizon or the Sun, we are transported beyond our limited view of our contained lives. We are reminded that we exist beyond the boundaries of our day to day living.

I think many times we try to “figure out” our lives and link things together with cause and effect.

I believe there is a large part of our destinies, unknown to us (yet for us to discover), that evolves beyond all logical, reasonable cause and effect scenarios our minds can create.

i think this is the magic of living.


3 thoughts on “Beyond Reason

  1. Hi…
    I recently was able to see, twice, the alignment of the planets! what a wonderful beautiful sight! Our limited reason is limited in seeing the vastness that we are part of…we have to ‘get out of ourselves’ in order to see it all.
    love your poetry, thoughts and art

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