Hair styles and Blog themes

To state the obvious, I have changed the “Theme” of my blog.

I went with a black background on my artist’s website ( so I thought I would do the same here at wordpress. Black-backgrounds apparently are now my self-defined identifiers on my sites now.

Actually, that really isn’t true. What resonates a bit more is that my blog, having been the same basic format for years, needed an update.

One friend actually asked me about my previous blog format if I had purposely chosen the most bland blog style, because other people were not as likely to have chosen it. No. I am just bland and boring and select things in kind.

I realized that changing my blog template had little to do with what was happening on my artist’s website.

The closest analogy of how my thinking emerged- and many of you women will relate- is when one suddenly, after years of the same hair style, up and decides one day to drastically change one’s hair.

A woman may walk into a salon with relatively long blonde hair, and exit with a short brunette bob. She will summarize this stunning transformation with “It was time for a change” and move on with her life. Snip. Cut. Dye. Done.

As a witness to such transformations, you are always placed in the position of “Should I comment or not?”

“If I praise the new hairstyle (blog) am I indicating that I never liked the first one?”

Or “If I don’t comment, will that make her feel bad? I mean she put all that time and effort into her new hairstyle (blog), she is probably expecting it will be noticed, isn’t she?”

So to summarize the switch in blog format, “It was time for a change.” Explore themes. Preview. Activate. Done.


30 thoughts on “Hair styles and Blog themes

  1. Enjoying simplicity in whatever format 🙂 That, by the way, is a compliment!!! I always like seeing the way someone “wears” their renewed sense of freedom. Sometimes change brings the experience of freedom. For me, I feel like I’ve been having so many changes in the last two or so years, that expressing and sharing it all… is out of the realm of my capacity.

  2. I absolutely love you as an artist. You truly are one of the most creatively in tune human beings I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling upon. I read your blog daily and you and I share many common life experiences and also the need to process these experiences through our chosen creative outlets. So thank you for being such an inspiration to me…and the new haircut is fab…lol

    • I am so glad you commented!! I visited your blog today and so loved the article you posted about heterosexuality. It is such a blessing to find resonance with others. I am so touched my blog has been inspiring to you and I can’t wait to read more of your work and insights. take care

  3. love it Kim!
    sometimes I am at a loss of words! Your posts are always so interesting. ‘change’ is a good thing, even if it is difficult for so many reasons…

  4. On my iPhone, I don’t notice a difference in anything? Hmm must be me? And my non-Techyiness, I love this post. I am a bit worried now, I just told a girlfriend I love her new hair and outfits, as I stick with my same styles, in style but not real trend setting. Now I am like, I hope I didn’t offend her as “we” are getting in the border age of are “we too old or still young enough to pull this off” ? Hmm! I’ll have to be a little bit more thoughtful before I speak.

    NIBSIH. 😱

    • Ha! Laughing at your comment about “are we young enough to pull this off?” I can so relate!! thanks for your comment and support. I also liked your “in style but not real trend setting”. I can so relate to that.

      • I know! I also have noticed clothes designers seem incapable of creating things which fit my figure now. I mean- a pair of jeans that fit and flatter- forget it! I either can’t get them around my waist or they are falling off…sigh..

      • I know!! I am considered petite – 5ft but I am long waisted, short torso, with 30 inch inseam, what a horrid combo so not a petite! Oh and because my ex is a tyrant, I am super skinny. So I only find things in juniors, I would like to bend over and not have to worry about if my rear end is showing. 😡! I wear a long camisole under everything, apparently THAT is a lost art. Everything is either up to my arm pits or 4 inches below my belly button, no middle ground. Some years back Levi’s made this AWESOME jeans, I bought a bunch of them. I have looked for them every where. I want to say they were 518 slim boot low waisted button fly. They weren’t ridiculous, they rode higher in the back, and maybe 2 inches below the belly button, I have looked every where, when I see them at thrift shops I buy them, I don’t even see them there anywhere. ~ sigh. Everything great becomes obsolete.

        As far as designers, you would think they would cater to our demographic, who do think is paying the bills? Not the 20somethings? I know I still pay for some of my 20somethings bills! 😐!


  5. ““If I praise the new hairstyle (blog) am I indicating that I never liked the first one?” I’m fine with both of your themes, Kim! The most important thing is that YOU like the change, and that you are still the same awesome person (you are!) 🙂 [That aside, maybe it’s what Irene said about reading white on black, but my visions going so I thought it was the small font that made it a little difficult to read. If the font is the same size as before, maybe it’s the colors?]

  6. Unfortunately reading these blogs on the ipad reader shows me absolutely no formatting. I may have to take a leap and read these on the computer so I can check out the new hair style :-). And if it makes you feel better, I never know what to say when my wife comes home from the hair person.

    • I love the ipad- basic format at its best. 🙂 Laughed out loud at the “hair person” comment. I believe the proper term is “hair STYLIST”. Try it- your wife will be impressed 🙂

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  8. It’s fun to just change up when one hears the call. It’s lively and bright, but underneath it, the content is still you and that is what is most important to me! 🙂 I always enjoy that you share your thought process – it helps me feel connected to the gentle stream that is You!

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