Where Logistics, Art and WordPress Themes Meet

Spirit Within You

So, per my last posting I tried a new WordPress theme. I compared switching themes to getting a new hairstyle, summarized with “It was time for a change.”

And, change I did! Apparently, I managed to switch from the mousy, brown brunette of my previous theme to the raven-black of a different theme only to end up making it more difficult for people to read the blog.

I know we all blog for different reasons and hope for varying outcomes with our blogs. Despite these sliding criteria for each of us, I think we can all agree that of paramount importance to blogging is actually having a blog people can read without eye strain.

As I am scientist by training, to me this is simply an example in which logistics meet creativity. You normally hope their meeting results in a symbiotic union in which each emerges stronger for the other.

In this case, however, I have to say I think logistics won out.

I have chosen another theme and we will see how this goes.

On a sidenote, I think all endeavors are a balance between creativity and logistics. Many of you may remember that I self-published a book several months ago. Thank you to those who purchased it!

One of the things I found surprising at the end of the process was the price set up for the book by CreateSpace in conjunction with Amazon.

I knew as the author, I would have some say, but I did not realize until the end (yes, I am that slow) that the base price was set based on number of pages, images, etc.

My book came in at ~$20!!! I was hoping for $6.99. (By the way, the price on the book changes now and then. Why? I don’t know, but this is not something that is being controlled by me.)

The reason the cost was so high is that I have images in the book and in some ways, I later realized, I had wasted a lot of page space.

Then, the logistical part of my brain took over. Really it did. My main goal for my second book was to produce something relating to the spirit within each of us and our sense of compassion for ourselves.

I still wanted to do images, but I wanted to cut out any pages that did not have images. That is, I wanted to make this book “tighter” (read, “less costly”.)

I am really pleased with the outcome. The page format is more consistent than the other book. And I chose to actually use the same font throughout the book this time (Yes, this should have been an obvious thing to do the first time!).

With just as many images, but fewer pages with simply words, the book comes in at ~$12. Much more reasonable.

A friend read it and said, “I can see your strength and belief in compassion for ourselves written all over these pages.”

I loved her words and secretly thought to myself, “All for $8 less.”

I do not write this so that you will buy the book, but just to show another example of the balancing act we are all performing as creators- logistics and creativity…


27 thoughts on “Where Logistics, Art and WordPress Themes Meet

  1. Kim I love this format! No eye strain at all! Thank you for sharing your experience with publishing-wow-I had no idea how the price of a book was determined. I don’t like the business end of things.

      • Oh, I’m SO glad to hear you say you’re not always on track! I always think I’m thick-skulled πŸ™‚ Just as sure as I say, “I got this!” and whoosh, that inner critic jumps in to tell me I’ll never get it. It would be so much easier if there was just one resource out there that had all the answers. I’ve decided there are probably too many advisors with different how-to answers. Oh well, we keep hanging in there πŸ™‚

  2. Ooooooo….. I love itπŸ’› Just a share-when I changed my blog theme, I would hand the computer to my 71 year old parents for logistical comments-they were quick to always point out that they couldn’t see the words….I really appreciate being able to see posts without my glassesπŸ‘€

  3. Hi Kim, I really like your art against a black background, but yes it was SO hard to read all of your words with the black back. This is much easier for reading πŸ™‚

    I admire that you are able to balance logistics and creativity – I still have a lot of that “real artists don’t sell out” sh*t to work through and it is really refreshing to see you making art from your soul and putting it out there to the world in a natural way.

    Much love and respect as always!!

    • Thanks for your support with this and your honesty. I feel so many artists are brought up with the message of “don’t sell out” – that the message in itself becomes a limitation. We ALL work within boundaries and parameters that are beyond our control. A true professional, in any aspect of life, can work within a context and still create. I have so enjoyed your work and your blog. I have fount it inspiring. I like how you push up against the boundaries.

  4. Now that I see the switch back, I must admit it is an easier read on the eyes. Very interesting the process behind the logistics of publishing your book! I am very glad you are putting your work out there in concrete format.

  5. Love the new look Kimberly!! I liked the way the art popped on the black…but it is true that it was hard to read your words. You have a winner here. Best of luck with the book πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve been looking at a new theme, time to change etc, but have got nowhere. Someone told me mine was bland, which didn’t bother me, so I say bland is good. Actually readable is good. And that’s what we all need

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