Women co-create the world with God.

Through her body, Life emerges. This, God has granted to her.

And in this granting, God also bestowed upon her, with trust, the wisdom and awareness, inherent in their divine, creative arrangment, of when to move Life forward and when to not.

Neither God nor women are confused by this power or agreement. God, as bestower of this power, understands the wholeness of this creative potential, in all its forms. Creation and destruction are not foreign to God. Woman, as embodiment of this power, also understands fully the capabilities contained with her.

Most importantly, through her embodiment, bestowed by God, God has shown implicit trust in woman to bring forth Life, or not, based on her divine connection and wisdom, as co-creator with God.

To step between a woman and this understanding of when and where she co-creates Life with God is to deny God.

God has fully trusted women with this creative potential. Man has not.

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