Your Blog Reveals You to You


I carry on frequent conversations with the most honest of audiences- my blog and other writings.
These entities are firm, uncompromising, but never harsh.
Between the solid scaffolding of the word-lines that I create lies a soft underbelly of love.

As I stare at the page, the words-lines seem to breathe with life. My self so entangled in these lines that we adapt to one another’s respiratory rate. The words and breath become one, as is true of all writing and reading.

And in the matching motions, of breath, of life, the word-lines separate and reveal all that is me, as I read between the lines.

Your Blog Mirrors You



You write yourself across the page. The words arrange themselves into surprises, despite your sense of control over them. The writing becomes mirror of the soul, until, yes, even you, begin to see yourself clearly.

They are reflective, these words, showing soul and heart unhidden by physical appearance.

Look at your soul splayed across the page in letters aligned, marching to your heart, longing for you to see how lovely you are.

Words reflecting the self in ways a mirror never could.

Why You Must Write



Heaven calls and you respond with life and words of your own making. Your way of being and creating in the world is as unique to you as your fingerprints. In the act of creation, we return to Heaven the gift we have been given.

Words on a String

Words on a string-
conjoined, linked, union,
No one, but you

Heaven called, the Word
became Flesh
And the Flesh be You

The umbilical of your sustenance,
Fed you word and sound,
Speaking of your own glory

You, return the favor and to Heaven,
The same- gift of words on a string,
Swirling from you-

Starlit constellations of a galaxy arm
mark of Heaven’s fingerprint upon page-
No one, but you

manna from Heaven
talisman of wood
omen and oracle
carved and scratched
No one, but you

say your prayers, Sister
sing your hymns, Brother
chant your mantra
hum your verse
find rhythm
of the soul
tap, tap, tapping
words on a string

Let your words be
mala beads,
and more

An altar in the making,
trailing light and luster
all the way home-
words on a string.