In Praise of the Quiet Ones

seenothingspeaknothingSilence can easily be mistaken. Yet, it is such a wonderful, powerful choice to make. I witness a great deal in my house with my husband and stepkids. I observe and refrain from comment. I like to think – in peace and in quiet before engaging. This has often been taken that I am not participating. Someone who refrains from speaking is not necessarily withholding participation. I would say in the space of quiet, some of us are actually quite active.

On a side note, and I hope I am not the only (step)-parent to have said this, I did threaten to throw our “family” TV out the window the other night in order that I may have some peace and quiet in the home. Of course, this was met with a sense of shock by my stepchildren, as they turned to me with wide, round, “bug” eyes commonly seen on stuffed animals, wondering why I could possibly be so upset over something like the TV.

Sigh…it’s not the TV, it’s the bickering over what to watch, how long to watch, is it appropriate to watch, who watched what last, who should choose what to watch, where should everyone sit during TV watching, is it more important to watch “live” TV or what is recorded, should recordings but watched in order or most recent first in order to “catch up”?

I hope to God I am not the only one living in such a household- as they say, misery loves company. 🙂 Monday is my birthday, as my stepchildren eagerly asked me what I would like, I stated, “I would like a day of peace and quiet. No TV. Perhaps some reading or meditation.” Prompting my stepdaughter to respond, “I think I am going to die.”

The Value of My Silence

Everyone always assumes
silence implies-
but no, silence
simply refuses to state

In silence, I am not
with out


I am with-

I am present in

Although I may
hold tight to words that
seek escape.

Witnesses are not-
Immune in stasis –
Complicit in silent

We oscillate and sway
With the slightest

And God bless us-

we refrain from
summating the wave.

Words for the Silent

I once posted something about the value of silence to an artist. A friend questioned me about the value of silence for those who are prohibited from speaking. To take the voice of another and enforce its silence is one of the most evil, destructive acts that can occur. The finding of one’s voice, the speaking of one’s truths is what changes the world. Oppresssors throughout this history have understood this secret more than most, and they made it their life goals to silence the masses. Silence is golden, but only if that silence is chosen.

So many of you write to not only give yourself voice, but to end the silence under which others may be suffering.

What Value Placed Upon Silence

Of weight,
mass, and

Of what worth is a silence
upon life’s ledger?

Is the silence complicit
agreement in disguise-
For those too wary and fearful
to say otherwise?

Is the silence forced coercion-
The cloak of invisibility hoisted
upon another’s back?

What is unheard is often unseen.


Is the silence of the soul/spirit-
The peace of knowing
where no words need be said?

The cost in the accounting
of silence is scaled
Along the lines of intent

For this I know-

If silence is to be valued at
The silence must be chosen.