When Everything Else Fails, Create a Ritual


Some times we have situations in life in which we sense a lack of awareness, movement, or healing.
We may or may not be living in denial.
We may have been reduced to simplistic hope, when all evidence points to a contrary outcome.

One thing that I find helpful to move energy and truly come to a different state of awareness is to create a ritual or some type of symbolic physical expression of the situation.

Above is such a representation that I created this morning. I won’t go into the details about the exact nature of the situation. It is private and not really meant for the blogging world.

However, I thought I would share the set-up. The blue mesh is something that is used for flower arrangements or something like that. I thought I could make it look like water, symbolically representing the movement of this situation away from me (down river).

I noticed the candle holder we normally have on the table looked like a bridge when I placed it over the “water”.

On the one side, a vase is knocked over, spilling its stones. The vase says “Love-Live-Laugh”. That dream in this situation has been overturned. In the vase, I stuff papers in which I have outlined my feelings.

The other side of the bridge (healing) has an upright, blue (spiritual) base. Around the base, are stones and gems in a spiral (rearranging of energy into a healthy mode).

Behind it all is a picture I had that said “dream”, as well as a piece of art work I had done that was laying around. It is of a tree and its roots.

Symbolically, the energy of the situation is changing as it travels in the “water” and it is being rearranged into a new form (blue vase) and this new form is a dream of mine which I hope to take root (tree).

If you have any situation in your life that needs healing, create a ritual or altar with items you have around your home. Every time you see it, it will remind you of the changes you are seeking. By placing this intent symbolically in the physical world, healing will occur.