God explains “God” very well, every day.
The interpretive skills of an intermediary are unneeded.

We are sometimes shown a confusing path to our awareness. The route to God (consciousness) is always present. Each and every day is an explanation of God. No intermediary such as church or religion is needed to “explain” God to us. God does that quite well, already. Although religion, church, temples and so on can serve a purpose, as all things do, they misplace their own purpose when they serve as sole intermediary to two bodies that have never been separated – God and you.

History of the World in One Sentence

Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising

My God is better than Your God.

Saw a magazine article recently and overheard a conversation here in a coffee shop about religion. Sometimes I think we are further along as a society in regards to religious tolerance than we probably are. Too much of the world’s struggles, in my mind, can be laid upon the sentence I wrote above. And I find that sad.

Penetrate Me…

Penetrate Me

Penetrate Me

Maybe we don’t need to worry quite so much. Maybe, each in his own way is growing towards the light. Maybe our souls are the spiritual version of the plant phototropism- the ability to grow towards light.

Place a light behind, below, above, to the right, to the left of a plant and still it will find the light and bends towards it.

I like to think that is what we are all doing. Even on the days in which every movement seems ass backwards, I like to imagine we are like the plant, and even if we have to twist and turn our way around, our souls will find that light once again.

The art and title is a play on the interplay between sexual energy and awakening awareness. Most would say that kundalini awakening and sexual energy can not be separated as they emanate from the same creative force. This may be one reason that religions, in general, have had such a difficult time “handling” human sexuality. Religions walk a very fine line of engaging and encouraging spiritual awakening, while trying to suppress the sexual. This is almost impossible, as the two forces are intertwined, as both center on creativity.

Anyway, the art is a play on this. I imagine growing towards the light, while It (or is it me, asking It?) calls to be penetrated. Obviously, manifesting the desire of union of the individual consciousness with the Divine. The penetrative act so tightly coiled with the act of creation.

When you look upon a statue of the Buddha, Christ, or…Do you understand what you are to see?

I like positive energy on my blog, so I decided to post this after this morning’s entry.



with your eyes of such innocence and devotion-

Glancing towards the iconic image-

Be it Buddha, Christ, Kali, Ganesh, Saints or more-

Do you have any idea of what you are looking for?


with your grave expression of seeking-

Holding the iconic image in heart and mind-

Be it Buddha, Christ, Kali, Ganesh, Saints or more-

Do you understand what you are to see?


With your gaze held steady are to understand

These images of which you hold dear

Are but mirrors

for You and all that You are to Be.


As the images cross your vision-

Be it Buddha, Christ, Kali, Ganesh, Saints or more-

View them in awe and remember

“The visions hold everything within me.”

Grow Up and Stop Being a “Child” of God

Come in, Come in

Come in, Come in

I have never liked the phrase “Children of God” because I think it doesn’t work. In fact, I think it sets us up for failure.

Why do we even use the phrase? There is mention of being like a child to enter the Kingdom of God in the New Testament. But, I ask again, what it the point?

Of course, the phrase could be applying to the innocence, open-heartedness, and acceptance of children. That, in some way, this state will enable us to connect to God in a truer, more substantial way.

But, I ask you, have you ever spent substantial amount of time around children? Yes, they are to be cherished. They love life. They gravitate to things. They enjoy. They laugh. They are emotional and free.

At the same time, depending on the developmental stage, they can be completely selfish, self-centered, and do not have a clue about the world beyond their immediate needs. They can be petty, vindictive, demanding, and let’s put it nicely- poor regulators of self-control. (We actually see many of these behaviors in those who claim to love God and see themselves as champions of the “right” religion.)

What does this point to? Children grow up and so should we in our relation to our perception of God.

The reason that the idea of being child-like to enter the Kingdom of God first came about, I believe, was because the parent-child interaction is the closest we come to unconditional, sacrificing, devotional love. In many ways, it is the only physical, contextual example of the type of love that we hope God has for us.

However, as we all know, having grown up with parents ourselves or parenting our own children (or the children of others) the parent-child devotional love model is a bit flawed.

And it is especially flawed when we apply it to our relationship with God. God does not want us to be children or child-like. God wants us to GROW UP. The same way a child individuates (you hope) into an independent adult, God’s plan for us is that we grow up and come to know the Divine power within us.

Like a child becoming an adult, we realize the beautiful, autonomous power within ourselves to create and contribute to the world. We don’t have to have our hands held .Our relation to God becomes adult in context, not parent- child.

As anyone who has ever witnessed, a child kept a child too long becomes an ineffective adult. A worshipper of God (however you define this) must be committed to the path of evolvement and growing up. And, then, the Kingdom of Heaven may be glimpsed.

You are NOT Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist….




First, you are a human Being created in love through God.

The lesson of each religion, the one you so define yourself by,
should be to remind you of your humanity and Divinity.

Then, you will be able to recognize the humanity and Divinity
of your fellow man.

This, of course, would be the practice of one religion- the religion of Love.

If All of Creation is One, I ask you – What kind of God?

The Ruins of Life

The Ruins of Life

I wonder- do we create enemies in order to feel better about ourselves?

When a scream of “Infidel!” resounds, must it carry so much condemnation and self-triumph.

“The God I worship is better than Yours”

Let me ask you, those who are so God-assured:

What kind of God would love one man more than another because the man spoke the “right” name of God?
What kind of God would create a man and then long to see him destroyed because he worshipped God “wrong”?

What kind of God, I ask you.

And now I will tell you what kind of God-
the kind created and worshipped by an insane man.

No sane God, and we must at least assume God is no lunatic, would love and create such beauty and then wish harm upon it.

God has always loved all of creation.
And you? What answer can you give?


When we do harm to others and state that we are doing it in God’s name or because God desired this action, I believe we are speaking lies to ourselves. We tell ourselves God has justified such heinous acts, when in fact, we are justifying the heinous acts we commit by cowardly laying them at God’s feet.

God is love and if we operate under the assumption that God created all, each and everyone, I would think God would want us to treat such creations with great care.

Times and places exist, given the world we live in, when one man is called upon to kill or harm another. This act is taken, one hopes, as an act of protection, preventing further harm and devastation. This I can understand, although I wish it were different.

Harm in the name of God, though, is beyond reason.

What if “God” was an Action Word?



You pray to God and believe you are praying to a Being.

What if “God” was an action? A creative act? A verb? A “do-ing”? What then?

What would happen when you fell to knees and prayed and you understood that prayer and your utterings of “God, God” are always a call to action?

To be one with God is to have your actions be in accordance with the God principle (whatever you imagine that to be). Being with God is NOT a state of passivity in which the mind does nothing. Stilling the mind is one thing. Dulling the mind and hiding from life in blank meditation is another.

Connection with God, with the One-ness you seek, is based on action, not a sense of suspended nothingness to be filled in by God “answering” your prayers.

A call to “God” is a call to action.

When you speak the name of God understand you are speaking to the active principle and God will manifest when you decide to act.

When You Know, Absolutely Know, there is a “Better” You Waiting to Emerge…

Woman Emerges

Woman Emerges

The God You Meet

The God you seek is within every face you meet.
You have been taught to think otherwise.

My God, Your God, My God, Your God
Until you understood, for your have been taught well,

Exactly who was on Your side and who
Quite frankly, would go to Hell.

They say with sincerity that the Devil,
if you are so to believe, works in dangerous ways.

Missing the irony of what they speak.
For clearly they are relating the Devil’s number one play-

Causing one to hate God so clearly
set upon another’s face.

I wrote this poem and did this image because I am tired of sometimes operating from my most base emotions. Blind hate as I describe in the poem is one such example of a gut reaction by the lowest self. I am spiritual, but not religious. I do not serve my judgments of “right” and “wrong” in the arena of religion. However, we all contain everything within us and I am guilty of a “me” vs. “them” mentality in many areas of my life- the “Devil” at work.

A “Me” vs. “Them” mentality, even when it is supposedly justified by the “word of God”, is one of the basest places from which to engage in life.

All things, if we allowed them ( and our history has shown we have allowed a many number of things this luxury) can serve to divide and in turn, justify the most base actions.

What peace and harmony may be brought by such actions? I can not say I honestly desire such things, yet choose that which will garner neither.

You can not choose base emotions and expect love, peace, and joy to follow. Believe me, I have tried. Oh, Lord, I have tried.

There is a place for strong, gut reactions in life, and there is a place to take the higher road. May I continue to grow wise and learn to tell the difference.

The art piece speaks to this. I like the woman-figure rising up from the circle/rose. She is parting the waves of chaos into a new way of being. I admire her.

What if Your God Thanked You?…

Today is the Day

What if in the midst of the moment of the day
You saw your God lean in, whisper, and say-

“I thank you for your Efforts.”

How would this change you?

Let us pretend, for this page,
that such a message was sent for you to hear-

So all the failure you hold so dear
could be left behind you along the way

“I thank you for your Efforts.”

Please listen and hear the prayer.

For you may not believe, but I do,
that your God prays for you.

May you believe your God
has seen you and your Efforts

and from this day on, your God thanks you.