Your Life is Pregnant with Possibilities



The Central tenet of Your Soul is the
sense of Vastness within Your Being.

Remember this.

Love this image and its play on the idea of being pregnant- the sense of life and possibility which we all carry within us.

Here…but No Farther

Here...No Farther

Here…No Farther

The meaning behind the meaning.
I posted this picture yesterday, and I wanted to keep the interpretation positive as it was my birthday.

Another meaning exists within this picture and it deals with boundaries in personal relationships.

I did picture of a soul (yellow) riding on a wave of spirituality (blue). The red line in the drawing is the boundary protecting this soul.

In some situations in life, it is not safe to allow unsafe people past your boundary. They will try. They will symbolically attempt to tunnel under, blow up, crawl over, or run over any boundary your construct.

Likewise, it is also not always possible to completely eliminate all unsafe people from one’s life. It is ideal if you can remove yourself from unsafe people, but I always cringe when others offer this as a fail-safe solution because it simply is not always realistic.

So the message in this piece is really this- “Here…but no farther.”

You may have to interact with some unsafe people in your life. It is more than o.k. to have “Here…but no farther” as your mantra with these types.

You will allow them to the wall of your kingdom (the red line in the drawing) but you will not allow them into your castle – ever.

Here…but no farther. The peace of your Soul is your sacred castle. Protect it.

Ride the Wave

Here...No Farther

Here…No Farther

Recline upon the Spirit Wave
Above all the Physical Fray

Today is my birthday and of course, a primary treat is some time to do art. I don’t imagine I do too many things “great” in life. I will always honor, though, my sense to begin with a blank page and let it take me where it may.

The task is not always the easiest. How do you begin with one line in mind and follow, rather than Lead?

I love this picture that emerged. It began with the yellow line (3rd chakra, sense of self) followed by the blude (spirit) underneath.

I imagine a person reclining on a wave. The brown at the bottom was added next, followed by the bold red (1st chakra, physicality) line. I saw a person riding a wave of spirituality above the boundary of the day to day. May we all experience such relaxation.

I really like the boldness of that red line 🙂

Cutting Ties with the Past or Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Cutting Through

Cutting Through

If you are to pray to end the ties to the past,
don’t you dare utter a prayer for soft, kind hands
as if the past were a delicate soul to be coddled

Pray for hands of steel blades to cut
your way to freedom –
To pray for anything less incisive is to play with God.

We are sometimes too gentle, I believe, when we try to let go of our pasts. DOn’t get me wrong, your past certainly exists, but should not exist in a form that binds you to things that are no longer healthy and good for you.

I am referring to toxic relationships, old, negative thoughts, worn-out self-images and so on. To free ourselves from these, we must be bold enough to cut the ties- not with gentleness but with calculated precision garnered through our work and awareness. When we are too gentle with this act, we are fooling ourselves into believing the ties have ended when they really have not.

Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom
delivered on web feet.
God has a sense of humor.

Not sure where this art was going but it resonated with me.
I began to think about duck symbolism and I thought of the phrase I have heard- “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck,…”

And I reflected on the strange week I had. On Wednesday I found out my book proposal about a woman’s power was not accepted. On Thursday I had to give a talk on women’s power (you can thank me for not blogging again and again about this talk as I did the last one 🙂 ). I wanted this to be my last act of “output” for a while.

In the past year, I had done some books, given several talks, applied for sabbatical, been faculty president and so on. Internally, I knew I wanted a break. In the restroom before my talk I said, “On January 29, 2015, I am done for a bit.” My talk finished at 6 pm.

By 8 a.m. the next morning, I had broken my toe.
4 weeks of no running or jumping (let’s not mention the limping around right now). If there is anything I love, it is exercise.

A broken toe may not sound like a lot (and it isn’t a lot) but what struck me is how vulnerable we can be at times. The timing of this injury coupled with my own fatigue threw me for a loop. It was not what I had anticipated doing with my free time and my life.

How fragile our anticipated plans are in our hands.

Sometimes the key to the kingdom is simply to accept “what is”. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck- it is a duck.

I can not change what happened, nor can I ignore it. A duck is a duck. A broken toe is a broken toe. And in the space of acceptance, we find the key to living in the moment.

Sometimes You must give up a Sense of Security to Embrace Serenity

Awaiting to Dive In

Awaiting to Dive In

I am not really sure where I am going with this post.
I love the image. The bird is an albatross which has appeared in my dreams for several evenings.
An albatross is supposed to be an omen of good luck, the bearer of good news.

I like the image that the albatross is on the shore, awaiting to dive in. With the heart in the background, the image speaks of love and patience. No hurrying. No random movements of frantic activity. The bird, to me, is awaiting the perfect moment to begin its long flight to bring the good news- not a moment too early.

The energy I have been feeling is expressed in the title- sometimes we need to give up a sense of security, which we may be clinging to, in order to instead open the space for serenity.

I, of course, don’t have it all worked out in my mind, but that is the energy I am working with for now. 🙂

The Benefit of Limitations



Sometimes we need the limitations in our lives.
We would all love to step out on the eternal, expansive horizon
and encounter not one boundary, burden, obstacle, or barricade.
But, Life exists not in that way.

In every life, a wall appears or a barbed wire fence-
indicating you, in your current state, may go here, but no further.
Some will stand at these walls and boundaries and wail,
awaiting for those walls to come a ‘tumbling down.

Others will work to scale any such boundaries- sometimes with success,
other times to no avail.

And then there will be others, who encounter these barricades, and
touch them lightly and then wisely turn a different path- away from,
not into, not through, not up and over.

Sometimes, our limitations in life are simply the points we physically, mentally,
or emotionally press up against- not in failure- but in an act of redirect-
to something better.

The art is a little strange. It’s a person walking with a “purse” may out of an eye- indicating we should always travel with our vision intact. We need to see what is really present, rather than blindly walking into trouble.