Where you are Wounded, You will find the energy to Heal

Each, It's Opposite

Each, It’s Opposite

Each thing in this life contains its opposite.

Thus, where you are most injured and hurt, you contain the equal, proportional energy to heal.

You must, if possible, be able to see beyond the wound into the healing energy contained within it.

And if you need an image to help you with this, think of the yin-yang symbol. The black contains the white, the white contains the black and these will shift and emerge until their positions are reversed, reminding us that no entity exists only in the stable, surface manner that we first perceive.

Each contains its opposite.

You can heal where you are most wounded, for the energy of healing is already present with this wound.


I recently experienced this in a Reiki appointment I had. I had never met this therapist. After 90 minutes, she said to me, “I was constantly drawn to your throat chakra. What are you not saying that should be said?”

I shut my throat chakra long, long ago. It tends to be a requirement for abuse survivors. ALL abuse requires the keeping of secrets, so the throat chakra closes.

She also said to me, “But your pelvic area, it is so open and on fire. I wanted to ask you several times if you were pregnant.”

I told her I was not pregnant but did kundalini yoga. She simply smiled and said, “That explains it! But I really worry about your throat area.”

Since then, I have focused on the throat chakra. And it has begun to open. In a frightening way. (Those with closed throat chakras often keep them closed out of fear. They worry they may say or do something that may hurt another or reveal a “secret”. )

Let me tell you on a particular night in which the ex-wife pushed one too many times. I opened my throat chakra and let it rip (not at her, she is not worth the time) but I let out my feelings. ANd it was one of the most beautiful/ugly things I had witnessed in some time.

Swear words came out of my mouth that I did not know I knew and the creative way they were strung together was both alarming and admirable. At the end of it, as the words hung in the air, and I could feel the air rush past my open throat, I knew I was alive and I was o.k.

I said what I felt and this is key —NO ONE DIED. I shut my throat down years ago out of fear of what may happen if I really said what I felt. No more.

Where I have been wounded, I have the power to heal.

Healing Snake

Healing Snake

I did this picture years ago. It’s called “Healing Snake”. what I love after my recent experience is the energy in the “pelvic” region and the energy in the “throat” region.

Where you are wounded, the energy to heal is also present.

Here Comes the Goddess…



Here comes the Goddess.

Many, too many, prayers
she has heard to end the night

So she comes a-calling
and a-carrying

Upon her beautiful head
to each a bit of Light.

I have had to turn my prayers around as of late and shake them upside down. I used to pray, really I did, for the Goddess or God to swoop into my life to make things better.

As I have prayed to the Goddess to end the darkness, She answered me, “Kim, I can only do this if I first bring the Light.”

So my prayers have turned around and darkness is not mentioned. I pray that the Light enters and I picture the Goddess traveling across Heaven and Earth to bring me a piece of this gift.

And I will pray she does the same for you in your darkest times.

If the Dragonfly can do it…Why can’t I?



A Dragonfly, if one were to really look at it- with critical eye-,
does not look as if it were made to fly

With a body, some would say is much too long and
With wings of a transparency that makes rice paper look strong

the Dragonfly simply nods as if takes off
Showing me that flight relies mainly on belief

and if the Dragonfly can do it, then why can’t I?

I am a huge fan of animal totems. Ask my family members, our house is filled with them. I have been known to almost drive off the road as I try to catch a glimpse of birds or other creatures, I am sure are bringing me some message or meaning.

Dragonflies have been making an appearance in my life right now in big ways. Although there was the awkward moment in the grocery store, when my teenage stepdaughter pulled a balloon from the floral area and proclaimed “Oh, a butterfly. I really want a balloon.” My response was, “Uh, I think that is a dragonfly” (as I contemplated my concerns of the science curriculum in the local schools 🙂 ).

I finally decided to put pastels to paper and perhaps draw one of these creatures. I still can’t project ahead with my art right now. I used to have shapes in mind before drawing. Now, it is blank page and blank mind and then I just let it flow.

To me, the image indicates the impossible flights so many of us take in our lives. The overcoming of trials, tribulations, horrors (big and small), injustices, fears, anguishes, terrors, traumas, abuses, and more.

And I wonder when I hear some stories, how people have picked themselves up. And I think of the image of the dragonfly in this picture- leading with heart, flying with its impossible form through the darkness and flying towards the light.

And I like to think the dragonfly symbolizes so many of us.
I did not know this, but there is a lot of research about dragonfly flight dynamics. I am a physiologist and not a physicist, so most of the information was well beyond me, but if you are interested you should check it out.

Returning to Yourself

Opening Up

Opening Up

When you were born, you were held
in God’s heart and vision

Nothing has changed since the time
you laid in arms at birth

to the time your steps
have crossed upon this Earth.

The sun sets in the night sky
and darkness descends

And we of little faith still believe
in the dawn of tomorrow

God has similar faith in you
If your light feels dim on some days

And you long to return to the shell
from which you were born

There you will find God waiting
to hold you in your imminent return and arrival.


I see a lot of people who are hard on themselves. They think they always have to be “on” and taking care of everything with a positive attitude and uplifted spirit.

Does this have a place in our lives? Of course.

But life cycles and we cycle with it. As the sun sets every day and we have faith it will return, trust yourself enough to know that if you need some quiet, secluded days, that you, like the sun, will eventually return across the sky of those you love and all will again be o.k.

Be gentle with yourself – always. The rest will take care of itself.

Becoming a “New You”- The Illusion of Wounds

Healing Our Wounds

Healing Our Wounds

Pain of awareness
Where one wound touches
the edges-
haunting, vile.

Mist of illusion.
Beyond the veil, only love.

Sometimes we become stuck in defining ourselves by our wounds, either the wounds caused by others or the wounds that we cause to others. This energy stagnates and we wonder why things do not change.

Relationship with wounded-ness becomes paradoxical. On the one hand, we relate through our wounds, seeking healing and understanding from others. On the other hand, we wall off our wounds and attempt to ignore any such pain associated with them.

We need to realize that every act or wound we choose to ignore, already exists within us as a state of grace and love.

We all have wounds, scars, places we protect. Our protection is only an illusion. To touch a wound, to feel our own pain, is our greatest awakening to understanding such pain in others.

However, we must not become complacent and let our wounds be our life stories. Reach through the illusion that you are less than perfect and there you will find love.

I created this piece of art after I had a dream. In the dream, I reached through the black place shown with my hand. I realized I was reaching through a mist, an illusion, and on the other side was love. All I had to do was step through.
I hope you feel the same in your own life. You are forgiven, you are loved. And in this understanding you will come to transform your life and the lives of those around you.