If All of Creation is One, I ask you – What kind of God?

The Ruins of Life

The Ruins of Life

I wonder- do we create enemies in order to feel better about ourselves?

When a scream of “Infidel!” resounds, must it carry so much condemnation and self-triumph.

“The God I worship is better than Yours”

Let me ask you, those who are so God-assured:

What kind of God would love one man more than another because the man spoke the “right” name of God?
What kind of God would create a man and then long to see him destroyed because he worshipped God “wrong”?

What kind of God, I ask you.

And now I will tell you what kind of God-
the kind created and worshipped by an insane man.

No sane God, and we must at least assume God is no lunatic, would love and create such beauty and then wish harm upon it.

God has always loved all of creation.
And you? What answer can you give?


When we do harm to others and state that we are doing it in God’s name or because God desired this action, I believe we are speaking lies to ourselves. We tell ourselves God has justified such heinous acts, when in fact, we are justifying the heinous acts we commit by cowardly laying them at God’s feet.

God is love and if we operate under the assumption that God created all, each and everyone, I would think God would want us to treat such creations with great care.

Times and places exist, given the world we live in, when one man is called upon to kill or harm another. This act is taken, one hopes, as an act of protection, preventing further harm and devastation. This I can understand, although I wish it were different.

Harm in the name of God, though, is beyond reason.


When you are at That Point, the one You Fear will Break You…Here is the Prayer

A Woman Who Loves

A Woman Who Loves


When your only prayer, your only chance is to say,
“I am brave enough to change.”

Heavens will cry, I tell you, for the sake of those
little words.

Worlds will open up, time will compress and expand
with your every heart beat

All because you are willing to admit
you may not know the answer,
you may not know every piece,

But, you know enough,
and for this, the Saints will praise you-

that you have reached your limit and you-
for the love of your life and the peace in
your heart, will bow your head

and whisper
“I am ready to change.”

The words are the magic, tapping at the door.
And Earth and Heavens will move to answer your call.

What if we all said this today- “I am ready to change”? What possibilities may we expect to see in a world built on the belief in change?

Last night I was in a situation with someone and I did not know what to do. I had run out of options, I felt in my mind, and then I prayed for this- “Let me change”. To pray for change does not mean you have failed or have been imperfect, it simply means you are now ready for more. You are ready for something different, a new way of being, one that may in fact, change your world.

What if “God” was an Action Word?



You pray to God and believe you are praying to a Being.

What if “God” was an action? A creative act? A verb? A “do-ing”? What then?

What would happen when you fell to knees and prayed and you understood that prayer and your utterings of “God, God” are always a call to action?

To be one with God is to have your actions be in accordance with the God principle (whatever you imagine that to be). Being with God is NOT a state of passivity in which the mind does nothing. Stilling the mind is one thing. Dulling the mind and hiding from life in blank meditation is another.

Connection with God, with the One-ness you seek, is based on action, not a sense of suspended nothingness to be filled in by God “answering” your prayers.

A call to “God” is a call to action.

When you speak the name of God understand you are speaking to the active principle and God will manifest when you decide to act.

A Prayer for When You Feel Alone



In the darkest night, God speaks to me
of love so I do not feel alone.

And the night becomes less dark
and I converse with the part of me that never thinks to be alone.

And God smiles on the moon face,
while the stars whisper of union.

I see such joy with tilted head to the sky
that I forget to feel small in the world.

And I am left with the overwhelming sense-
that God and everyone has been with me all along.

“Is it Just Me…” – A Prayer For When You Are Ready to Change

I remember getting to a certain point in my life- one failed dating relationship after another- and coming to the rather profound conclusion that the only thing consistent in these relationships was in fact, me.

If I had asked, “Is is just me?..” The Universe would have answered – “Yes, it is you.”

My dating was not failing because of the men or the city I lived in at the time. My dating life was not successful because I refused to see my part in all of it.

As I look to my life now, I see a similar awakening in regard to a difficult situation that has been circling through my life- and this is my prayer.

The White Walls

Lord, oh Lord
I sit in a room of white
The walls never reach the ceiling

This can not be my fault
Though I do not stand to look
I prefer the sedate posture on the floor

Lord, oh Lord
I am waiting for the walls to come a tumbling down
And, I am waiting, Lord, and I am waiting

And, I tell you, Lord, I am sitting here
And I am a watching and I am still a waiting, Lord
And those walls are not a tumbling down

Lord, oh Lord
I want to know who to blame
“Remove the bricks” would be my command

Then I would be free
Until I look and then I see,
each brick was laid by me

Horror exists in their aligned stare
I had enjoyed playing the victim
Yet, if the walls are to be of Me

Then let that be, Lord
Let my lesson turn the idea upon its head
If it is “just me”, then I take great heart, my Lord

That if I play my part, I can change the world
And those walls will come a tumbling down
Because I finally understand

The walls are not built by others
They are built by me.

Sometimes we forget that when we acknowledge that “yes, it is just me”, we find our power. When we realize we play a part of any situation, we realize we have the possibility of change within us. You can not change other people, but you can break down the walls that are preventing you from living the life you were destined to live.

What if Your God Thanked You?…

Today is the Day

What if in the midst of the moment of the day
You saw your God lean in, whisper, and say-

“I thank you for your Efforts.”

How would this change you?

Let us pretend, for this page,
that such a message was sent for you to hear-

So all the failure you hold so dear
could be left behind you along the way

“I thank you for your Efforts.”

Please listen and hear the prayer.

For you may not believe, but I do,
that your God prays for you.

May you believe your God
has seen you and your Efforts

and from this day on, your God thanks you.

A Prayer for When You Realize that Your Old Ways No Longer “Work”

I am in a difficult situation right now, yet can’t seem to feel confident in how to handle it. I seldom feel this way. I face challenges, of course, but am usually sure of my instincts.

This poem speaks to the fact that perhaps I need to change my way of Being. My current “map”, way of being in the world, has led me here. Perhaps I need a new map- or at the very least- some guidance in creating the next step.

I think sometimes the best and most smart thing we can do when we feel this way is to pray and let the issue go for the time being- assured we will be shown the next step as we create a new map.

The White Room

Lord, oh Lord.

I have followed my map to this place.
I have been led to a room of white.

White is too much for me today.
White speaks of possibility.

Lord, oh Lord.
Yet, here I sit- paralyzed by possibility.
What happened to my map?

My map used to make everything fit.
That same map led me here and now I sit.

Lord, oh Lord.
I clutch map and can not find “You are here.”

So this is my prayer, Lord, oh Lord,
Where do I begin when my map no longer fits?

One Moment to Change the Day


Sometimes it all seems so big and overwhelming, you know? We may not know where to begin.

Thus, if I could pray one prayer today, it would be this-

Please, God, let each and every one have a moment.
A moment free of doubt, worry, and concern.

Let the moment breathe of hope, spirit, and love.

Free of longing or self-created mechanisms beseeching grace.

We each need, on some days more than others, God,
a moment that simply “is” –

Some of us are a little too weary,
God, to lift our heads and look to Heaven’s sky

We keep heads bent to task at hand, not making our needs any less.

So, please God, let the whisper touch
of Spirit descend for a moment upon our bowed heads

Let our hearts be stirred by the touch of Your grace
and let the burden of each fall away

Just for a moment.