C’mon…Be Brave Enough to Accept the Vision

Getting the Vision

Getting the Vision

The Vision

Oh, Lord, oh Lord
What a gift to be given

A vision carried
through Heaven

On the wings of Love
Of what I am to become.

Whether you believe in God (choose your term) or not- one of the greatest gifts to receive is a vision- a vision of what you may be. And we all receive these all the time, yet we often choose not to believe.

For it is in the vision that hope first manifests. Perhaps you are in a difficult situation- a tough marriage, unfulfilling job, a sense of aloneness- whatever it may be. Or maybe you simply have big dreams for yourself. You want to write. You want to create and you envision the time and space to do such things.

The sense that something is amiss is not just a sign of you being difficult. It is a sign of vision welcoming something new.

Sometimes we may think it is better to be numb, to just let the marriage or the job be “Ok” and move on with our days. Or we chastise ourselves for dreaming too big, answering everyone around us who points out how great we are with a simple “Who me?”

I believe one of the most profound things we can come to recognize is the power in the vision of what could be. God (or your term) can not swoop in and change it all for us. But what God can do is provide us with the vision of what could possibly become and this vision will, I swear to God, lead you all the way home.

I like this art piece. It shows the vesica pisces (my symbol for God) attached to wings from Heaven, swooping in carrying a vision. I chose to put a cross in the center. This is not necessarily a Christian symbol in this context. I just liked it.

What if you came to understand this…that everything you produce is the true mirror of you….

Heart as Passage

Heart as Passage

Sitting in my basement room/office the other evening, I was surrounded by my artwork.
Pictures I had haphazardly placed in frames. For some, the tape had loosened and they descend slowly, slowly in their frames. A testament to gravity and movement when no one is around to see.

Others are propped up- frame-less, lending credibility to my sense that life will take care of itself and not everything we own requires protecting.

I sat in this room and I finally came to understand that each thing I created was a mirror of me. My art represents my best and my brightest, things I most desperately need to see in myself.

What if we were to come to understand this- that all that we do- our greatest moments are mirrors for me and you?
What is the working out of your life on your blog is one of the greatest mirrors you have?
What if your beautiful, functioning home is a testament to that higher part of yourself, the one that believes in family, support, nurturing, safety and protection?

What if the job you complete- the one in which you work with colleagues to manifest something new- was a mirror attesting the creative capabilities in each of you?

What if we came to understand mirrors differently in our lives- not as mere reflective surfaces for the physical- how blase is that? But rather, the mirrors that show us who we truly are- the ones we create to surround each of us.

What if we allowed these mirrors to speak to us with as much import as we enable those simple reflective surfaces? How differently would we see ourselves if we actually trusted all mirrors surrounding us that reflect such beauty back to us?

God will Move Heaven and Earth to Find You.

God Reaches For You

God Reaches For You

Prodigal Daughter

Sometimes when I pray,
I simply say “God, God”
and then wait for the reply

and sometimes I am waiting a long time…
in silence…
with a sense of my alone-ness

until I feel the tendril
of God’s love reaching out
beyond distance and time
to wrap around that little heart of mine.

If you have ever felt isolated, afraid, and lonely in regards to your life of spirit, never fear, for God is reaching out to you.

For many of us, a spiritual life and connection are paramount to our well being. Yet, sometimes, God feels near and sometimes God feels oh so far away.

Here is what I think- each thing contains its opposite- to know God is to also live in the mystery of God. It is within our isolated seeking of God, that we come to know the divine is always near. God is always reaching out for each of us.

I bow before those who see beyond their own wounds into the heart of another…..

For the Wounded who Still Believe

I have asked God more than once
why those with the fractured self still believe

what oath did we once imbibe amongst all
the trouble and strife

that we should care beyond
all repair

Such belief, dear God, is not
for the weak of Spirit

The meek shall inherit the Earth
is built upon such hearts

The wounded healer is not an
imaginary type, an archetypal form

It is I, God; it is He, God;
it is She, God

the walking wounded who see not
their own bleeding

But instead pray to Heavens
for the sores of their fellow man

This is just a little prayer for those who have been so wounded in life, yet they still believe in the beauty and hope of life. And not only do they believe, they see beyond their wounds into the heart of another. Your gifts to the world amaze and humble me.

The Gift to Transform Your Life

Pulling God's Eye to Me

Pulling God’s Eye to Me

Some one, some where

Along the path of your Being
there may come a time when you meet
with harm and/or abuse by another

You will be walking along
you way and

Some one, some where
will decide they would like a piece of you.

Some one, some where
will decide beauty is not a part of you.

Some one, some where
will decide you made them mad and now they want to harm you.

Some one, some where
will decide to ignore the glory within you.

Some one, some where
will decide to see only the failure of you.

Some one, some where
will turn blinded eye as they discount you.

Some time, some where
all of this and more may happen to you.

And when you encounter some one, some where
who does this to you,

I pray with all my heart
that this “someone” never be you.

That you, my blessed friend,
will at some time, some where come to know

You decide who to give pieces to.
You decide to see the beauty of you.
You decide that you are beyond harm.
You decide to see the glory in you.
You decide to see success in you.

You decide, my dear friend,
simply this-

All the decisions about you can
be made by you and all the love you have to give.

–Still consulting, so little time to write and even less time to read. I have so missed enjoying the words of so many blogs I read.

The poem speaks to being hurt and the choice we all have upon encountering the poor actions of others. Yes, we can turn the other cheek, we can take the higher road and so on.

But, I have come to learn this- the important gift we can give ourselves is to decide differently in regards to what we will accept on the part of another. We must learn to never take the negative energy and harmful actions of others upon ourselves and turn it inward.

We should never be the one who does not recognize our own beauty or own successes. We should never be the one on life’s path who is negative and demeaning to ourselves.

It is my most sincere prayer for you- that you never once lie to yourself and refuse to see your own glory, or choose to harm yourself, or turn a blinded eye towards yourself and all that you have to give.

You are a blessing to the world, do not be the one to harm yourself. Love yourself- it is a great gift you have to give.

May You See Yourself with the Eye of God

The Eye of God

The Eye of God

The Eye of God

When God looked out upon Eden
Never once did God witness

A Sinner nor a Saint

When God looked out upon Eden
Never once did God witness

A Tree nor a Snake

When God looked out upon Eden
Never once did God witness

A Choice nor a Mistake

When God looked out upon Eden
Never once did God witness

A Judgment nor a Failing

When God looked out upon Eden
All God witnessed was Life and Living.

And in this Vision,
God’s creation was Complete.


I always draw the eye of God as a Vesica Pisces, the ultimate symbol of Union. I find it funny the stories we have been told about God. So many, so untrue.

What we judge and condemn ourselves for, God simply sees as Life. God’s purpose is to create and we are part of that creation. Life is for the living and in living Life we make mistakes, errors, miscalculations and misjudgments.

Of these, God sees none. God sees Life and God sees Living and for God these are pleasing.

Today, I pray, may you see yourself with the eye of God.

And this is the Eye of Spirit Upon You….

Eye of Spirit

Eye of Spirit

The eye of Spirit hovers above You.
You, on the physical plane, who

has been led to believe in pain
and suffering

Immersed in the toil of the red,
orange and yellow- physical nature

Existing upon the physical world

Until you remember just who you are
When looked upon with the eye of Spirit

Perched from the vantage point of
seeing All, Spirit calls to You

And this is what Spirit sees in You:

You are blameless.
You are free.
You are uninjured.
You are whole.
You are fearless.
You are perfect.

Never once has the eye of Spirit
seen you as You see Yourself.

This Vision of You that the Spirit
holds so dear

Is the gift, the calling, the whisper
of You, that is always near.

Above is a picture of how I believe Spirit views us. The red/orange/yellow aspect in the bottom represents the colors of the lower 3 chakras-our physical nature and our physical lives. Above this, we see the eye of Spirit. Spiritual vision is always in the shape of the vesica pisces (the symbol for union). Spiritual vision surrounds us, witnessing with compassion, joy, and love all that exists.

It is so important for us to remember just how we are viewed by Spirit. In my egoic state, I, like many other, judge myself harshly and with out intermission. I tell myself I am horrified by some of my actions and deeds. I cringe inwardly (and if alone, outwardly) at some of the things I have done.

But, you can not change the past. And if you want to evolve, you can not stay stuck in regrets, judgments, and self-criticisms.

Your Spirit has never once felt you are someone who has failed or suffered. Your Spirit sees you with eye of Perfection, holding the vision of who you truly are- a Being of love, of kindness, of joy, of compassion.

The Vision of Spirit is the Gift to be Lived.

Even if You Are doing Everything A** Backwards, Spirit Finds a Way…

…In some circles, this would be known as a Miracle.

Letting Go

Letting Go

Because God loved her so much
and because God believed in her- fully-

God never let her give up.

The only wish God had for her
was that she would come to learn

that she could, in fact, give up
some things to God.

She could release these things
with all the love, courage, and passion

she normally held on so tightly to them.

“Release them to Me,” God whisper came.
“Release them to Me”

And for some reason – who knows why-
She finally believed

She needn’t carry everything.

The other day I was doing kundalini yoga. The movement was simple. Sitting in easy pose, I reached out with one open hand. Once extended, I quickly closed the hand into a fist and pulled the elbow back to my side. Then repeated with the alternate hand, back and forth, in, out, in out, reach, grab, pull, reach, grab, pull.

The purpose of this motion is to pull the energy of the universe into your Being. Accompanying this movement was the mantra “Ek Ong Kar, Sat Guru Prassad//Sat Guru Prassad, Ek Ong Kar.” This is known as the Miracle Mantra and should not be used lightly.

As I was reaching and pulling, I thought of the mantra and how it is reversed within itself. And I had the sudden awareness- what if I reversed my thoughts in regards to this movement. Rather than reaching out with open hand to pull energy in, what if every time my open hand reached outward, I was releasing something to God?

I have always been hyper-responsible, believing I must do it All for Everyone. I learned on this day, perhaps my greatest strength lies in tapping into something beyond myself and releasing things.

The picture above speaks to this energy and I love it. At the bottom are the colors of red, orange, yellow, speaking to the lower/physical chakras. This energy is transformed into “blue spiritual fingers” releasing everything (the white/blue ball).

The gift of Spirit, the miracle of Life, if you will is that we are always learning. Spirit can use literally anything for evolution.

Where you feel stuck and hopeless and at your limits, Spirit simply sees the miracle of opportunity. Believe.

Who are You to Deny Your Divine, Beautiful Light ?

Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame

When she forgot she was beauty in Spirit

Heaven would send her a Sign.
A Sign even she could not miss-

A Sign of the Eternal flame
that burned so brightly in her.

And she would remember.
Oh Lord, she would remember.

And she would pray to herself
to never forget…never forget…

“The grace, the simple, beautiful grace,
that I am…”

Worlds will sing in harmony to
such a mantra as this.

Yesterday I saw a friend at her most beautiful. We were sitting and talking in a coffee shop. An activity, I would like to say, we are absolutely awesome at.

This friend is currently working on a dissertation. Brilliant woman and finally on this day I heard her say this about herself. She was describing a situation about family and more family and more family. You know the type- the scenario in which one layer after another is shellacked together, so the original issue is all but unrecognizable.

And she said to me, this woman who for years has been so humble to the point of denying her own brilliance, she said “I know I have more emotional intelligence than anyone else in this situation. Add that to my intellect.”

And I thought as I looked at her saying these words, “My God, you are beautiful when you honor who you are.”

We serve no one, including our selves, when we deny our talents, hide our beauty, and cover our glory. Such a way of Being is not in line with our Divinity and we all suffer for it. On this day, I want to celebrate the act of embracing one’s self and remembering, oh, yes, remembering who we truly are-

Divinity in human form, light of the world.

Sometimes we are reminded….

Prana In, Prana Out...Repeat

Prana In, Prana Out…Repeat

…how simple it ALL really is.

One body
One mind
One Spirit
One moment
One heart beat
One breath

….for ever and ever.

I hope you take a moment today to remember what a beautiful, simple gift life truly is. As we head into the weekend, it’s good to remember- one moment, one breath, one heart beat to infinity. Nothing can harm you. No one can take from you this beautiful gift given to you with such freedom and love.