Seeing the World Through the Eyes of God

The Loving "I" of God

The Loving “I” of God

My “I”/God’s Eye
My “I”
Constructed with Proficient Attention

Adamantly Defended
Battle Scarred and Propped Again

Diligently Resurrected

No amount of time
(All of Time)
Dedicated to your care

Can I say with parental pride-
The Created “I”

Only now i see
Now i pray

As if life would shatter

May God’s Eye become my “i”.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to see the world through the eyes of God. (However “God” may be defined for you.) I am currently thinking about seeing beyond my self, the self I have so carefully created. I define myself in a certain way and I wonder where this “I” arose from and why I am so protective of my self-created image.

The poem and picture speak to moving beyond the self-created “I” and seeing tha world through the eyes of God, which for me means seeing with love and compassion. Such endeavors require patience and awareness. And, on this day, I wish you the peace that comes from seeing the world and yourself through the eyes of God.