The Wave



The Wave does not fight the Wind,
as the Wave is from the Wind.
You need not fight the Storms of Life,
for you are formed from them.

I liked this simple little image. I found it a fascinating image to reflect upon as I was doing yoga. I kept picturing “breath in ” on one side of the wave and “breath out” on the other side. Just so nice and peaceful.

I created this image because so many people are faced with challenges in their lives. If you are like me, you want to fight the storms of life and take them head on. I certainly do not want anyone to suffer, but I realized like the wave, we are also being shaped and formed by the storms in our lives. May we be the formed into a wave of compassion and awareness.


Preventing “Thought Bulimia”

Toxins exist all around us. Sometimes we willing ingest and engage with toxins, other times they are thrust upon us.

Although there are many things that occur within the context of bulimia, I believe that the need to purge is related, to a point, to the awareness that one has ingested a great deal of toxins (large amounts of unhealthy foods) and is, thus, then motivated to remove these toxic substances from the body in seeking a state of re-balance and renewal.

This, of course, is a very limited account of this disease. Lately, though, I have been thinking of this idea in relation to thoughts that I create.

I am honest when I state that I have a number of toxic thoughts each day. Ideas such as “I hate myself” will run through my mind; I will build cases against others in my mind; I will assess the motivations of others in a negative light and so on.

And I have realized how many toxins I am creating in my body by these thoughts. The body does not forget and the body is quite literal in some of its workings. If you think negative thoughts, the body responds accordingly. Stress and tension is created as the body tries to defend itself.

I have also noticed when I have harmed myself by creating this toxic environment within, then like someone suffering from bulimia, I will try to rid myself of these toxins. I will overcompensate with feelings of guilt, I will judge myself harshly and restrict myself, stating “Never again will I think such things”, I will try to make it up to the other person. I will go running or do yoga in an attempt for a sense of re-balance and renewal.

Similar to the over-consumption, purge cycle of someone with bulimia, I suffer the double- whammy: thinking harmful thoughts and then trying to compensate for these thoughts.

The cycle must be broken. My judgments keep me trapped in the cycle, when the best course is simply to observe the thoughts and let me them go, acknowledging they have no true power over me.

If you are like me and find yourself sometimes caught in negative thought cycles, I offer the following:

I let this thought go, releasing its hold upon me and anyone it may incur. This thought has no power over me or anyone else as it bears no reflection of my true self.

When You Know, Absolutely Know, there is a “Better” You Waiting to Emerge…

Woman Emerges

Woman Emerges

The God You Meet

The God you seek is within every face you meet.
You have been taught to think otherwise.

My God, Your God, My God, Your God
Until you understood, for your have been taught well,

Exactly who was on Your side and who
Quite frankly, would go to Hell.

They say with sincerity that the Devil,
if you are so to believe, works in dangerous ways.

Missing the irony of what they speak.
For clearly they are relating the Devil’s number one play-

Causing one to hate God so clearly
set upon another’s face.

I wrote this poem and did this image because I am tired of sometimes operating from my most base emotions. Blind hate as I describe in the poem is one such example of a gut reaction by the lowest self. I am spiritual, but not religious. I do not serve my judgments of “right” and “wrong” in the arena of religion. However, we all contain everything within us and I am guilty of a “me” vs. “them” mentality in many areas of my life- the “Devil” at work.

A “Me” vs. “Them” mentality, even when it is supposedly justified by the “word of God”, is one of the basest places from which to engage in life.

All things, if we allowed them ( and our history has shown we have allowed a many number of things this luxury) can serve to divide and in turn, justify the most base actions.

What peace and harmony may be brought by such actions? I can not say I honestly desire such things, yet choose that which will garner neither.

You can not choose base emotions and expect love, peace, and joy to follow. Believe me, I have tried. Oh, Lord, I have tried.

There is a place for strong, gut reactions in life, and there is a place to take the higher road. May I continue to grow wise and learn to tell the difference.

The art piece speaks to this. I like the woman-figure rising up from the circle/rose. She is parting the waves of chaos into a new way of being. I admire her.

The Most Simple Prayer for Peace



Upon going to bed last evening, I asked God for one thing. What is the most simple prayer for peace? And this is what became:

You always have a choice.

Unless we are children or in some extreme situation, we always have a choice. The choice is the gift. We can choose to stay, to leave, to continue on, to quit, to fight, to flee, to create, to destroy. All that matters is that we have the choice.

The world is not so simply divided into can and can not/ should and should not/ must and must not. We create these parameters and bind ourselves in the process, thinking we have no choice.

But the gift is to realize that in all matters, we do have a choice. And in acknowledging we have a choice, we can come to choose that which will become part of our lives.

When You are Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop…Wait With This….

Today has been a day in which I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. This sense is not a concrete reference to anything in particular, but rather this nebulous feeling seeming to track me. It was not until I was sitting outside on our patio, when I noticed the colors- the white fence against the green grass, bordered by the red mountains, that I felt enough peace to actually relax and BREATHE… And as the wind traveled through the trees I felt the world breathe with me.

Who knows why I have felt as I did today. Sometimes we are just anxious, sometimes we have perhaps drank one too many Red Bulls. But I always say this prayer when I feel “off” that helps and if you are feeling off today, I hope it helps you as well. It is nice to remember what we truly are.

Spaces We Create

If the God of Love resides within me,
What space within must I create for anger?

If the God of Love resides within me,
What space within must I create for fear?

If the God of Love resides within me,
What space within must I create for loneliness?

If the God of Love resides within me,
What space within must I create for anxiety?

If the God of Love resides within me,
What space must I create for hate?

If the God of Love resides within me,
What space must I create for sadness?

Dear God, You who reside within Me,
on this day, I pray to give up
the false spaces I create to contain
my anger, fatigue, and loneliness.

Let the rearrangement of such
space come to an end, so I may
once again live with my Beloved
within the space of Union.

I asked God and This Is What I Received…

I Asked God

I asked God for strength-
I was given trials
So that I may realize
The strength that lay within me.

I asked God for forgiveness-
I was given wounds
So that I may realize
The forgiveness that lay within me.

I asked God for hope-
I was given challenges
So that I may realize
The hope that lay within me.

I asked God for passion-
I was given failures
So that I may realize
The passion that lay within me.

I asked God for union-
I was given isolation
So that I may realize
The union that lay within me.

I asked God for peace-
I was given suffering
So that I may realize
The peace that lay within me.

All these and more
I asked for
And God provided
That I may know-

The strength, passion,
peace, hope, and love
within me.

God, Let Me Soar Beyond My Limited Sense of Self

Divine Power Touching Me

Divine Power Touching Me

God, The Prayer for Myself

God, if you would-
grant me one wish

The wish I may wish-

Would be of such little faith,
I am afraid

Faith- by which I do not mean-
safety or
health until death parts us

Oh, my Lord, this I know-
failure, defeat, risk
And illness are but
part of the living

For these, faith of which
I seek is not necessary

What I need, dear Lord,
is Belief-

If I may, if I might
make a wish to Thee
tonight, it would be

“Let me Believe.
Let me Believe in
the Glory. Let me Believe
in the Peace.

Let me Believe
in the Love and Power of simply
Be-ing a Spirit upon the Earthly

Culled and Crafted in the Image
of All that is Divine.”

For you see, God,
I stand at the ocean’s side and this,
I do not Believe.

I see tide, returning,
returning, to me each moment.
And, still I doubt.

I am the frightened tourist
on life’s shore too afraid
of getting lost.

Then, I speak, You hear, and
My heart soars
The slightest tugs of grace,
Like the ocean’s tide, send
Me cascading to the horizon.

God, I pray, the momentum
Of belief in Me, the Glory
of Creation

Take hold
And with centrifugal force
Fling me beyond the
Limited borders of my
Most fearful self.

Loving Your Broken Places

I have always been the “strong type”, priding myself on a sense of invincibility. Lately, though, I have been feeling a bit more fragile, porous almost.

I actually feel broken in a few places. I look at some of my actions and wonder “Why?” – Why didn’t I see that sooner? Why didn’t I choose a different route? Why do I seem to struggle with some things in life that others get so easily?

Yet, I prayed and thought about this and realized our broken places are also a gift. When you feel broken and porous and too fragile for the world, the spaces within you may simply be spaces of possibilities- places from which your light may shine through.

The Possibilities in Vulnerability

Along the road to Oz,
seeking God,
I had traveled as impermeable
with the courage the lion sought.

Now, I am a straw-person,
fragile and floppy

I wonder at the irony
of my ever being frightening,
as life lands upon my poles

Like crows to a flocking –
calling Caw! Caw! Caw! in mocking.

My limbs move in mirror movements
and betwixt my stands I see-
light pouring through me

And in my vision, God unveils
in the glow and
this I know-

Un-fragile and solid
were never meant to be,
for what space would
be left for God to love me?

In Praise of the Quiet Ones

seenothingspeaknothingSilence can easily be mistaken. Yet, it is such a wonderful, powerful choice to make. I witness a great deal in my house with my husband and stepkids. I observe and refrain from comment. I like to think – in peace and in quiet before engaging. This has often been taken that I am not participating. Someone who refrains from speaking is not necessarily withholding participation. I would say in the space of quiet, some of us are actually quite active.

On a side note, and I hope I am not the only (step)-parent to have said this, I did threaten to throw our “family” TV out the window the other night in order that I may have some peace and quiet in the home. Of course, this was met with a sense of shock by my stepchildren, as they turned to me with wide, round, “bug” eyes commonly seen on stuffed animals, wondering why I could possibly be so upset over something like the TV.

Sigh…it’s not the TV, it’s the bickering over what to watch, how long to watch, is it appropriate to watch, who watched what last, who should choose what to watch, where should everyone sit during TV watching, is it more important to watch “live” TV or what is recorded, should recordings but watched in order or most recent first in order to “catch up”?

I hope to God I am not the only one living in such a household- as they say, misery loves company. 🙂 Monday is my birthday, as my stepchildren eagerly asked me what I would like, I stated, “I would like a day of peace and quiet. No TV. Perhaps some reading or meditation.” Prompting my stepdaughter to respond, “I think I am going to die.”

The Value of My Silence

Everyone always assumes
silence implies-
but no, silence
simply refuses to state

In silence, I am not
with out


I am with-

I am present in

Although I may
hold tight to words that
seek escape.

Witnesses are not-
Immune in stasis –
Complicit in silent

We oscillate and sway
With the slightest

And God bless us-

we refrain from
summating the wave.

Seeing the World with YOUR HEART

Seeing with Your Heart

Seeing with Your Heart

“Heart Vision”

One woman decided to See
She opened Up
She became Confident
And Damn it! She Believed

She thought to herself-
What would it be to See,
To See the World through the
Eyes of My Heart?

The entire Universe heaved a sigh of relief.

Such vision could only be called “Love”.

And in that vision, she found the glory and
peace of her own creation

And in that vision, she found God and she
found the power to change the world.

Heaven and Earth remain forever changed
because one woman decided she could See with Her Heart.