The Human Race

The Human Race

The Human Race

The Human Race- A Distance Event.

When I first sketched this image, I actually wrote the word “Distance” on the diagnol between the figures.
I felt as if these figures represented one the primary motivators of humans- the attempt to overcome the distance between us.

This sense of distance manifests everywhere.

Sometimes, we speak both ends of the topic.

We profess to want to “close gaps” and “seek understanding”, while in the mean time, media, images, and our vocabulary choices do everything in their power to further the perceived distance between us.

The distance between “us” and “them”; “have” and “have nots” is constantly exploited and encouraged.

Advertising and news images are especially adept at this. They work constantly off the sense of distance. Their images play to divide the audience.

It takes but a moment for your eyes and mind to register which part of the “us” you are fulfilling. And if you are an “us”, well then, you certainly would never want to be a “them”.

And for a “them”, the “us” is simply unattainable and it is meant to appear as that- unattainable.

And if you are lucky enough to be a “have”, well, then surely you could not be a “have not”.

A “have not” should equally get the message that he or she is not a “have”.

And so the divisions continue.

Then we are shocked, shocked, when someone acts in a way to reduce this distance that has been so carefully brought up, fostered, and foisted upon everyone.

It’s the human race. We simply are not aware enough to be winning it.

Sometimes you are the Sun. Sometimes you are the Moon.

Growing in Moon Light

Growing in Moon Light

Sometimes you are the Sun,
shining your Light every where.

Sometimes you are the Moon,
reflecting the Light of someone else.

Really doesn’t matter.

Life lived in the balance-

Ra, Ma, Ra, Ma.
Sun, Moon, Sun, Moon.

The Light of both is needed for growth.

When You Know, Absolutely Know, there is a “Better” You Waiting to Emerge…

Woman Emerges

Woman Emerges

The God You Meet

The God you seek is within every face you meet.
You have been taught to think otherwise.

My God, Your God, My God, Your God
Until you understood, for your have been taught well,

Exactly who was on Your side and who
Quite frankly, would go to Hell.

They say with sincerity that the Devil,
if you are so to believe, works in dangerous ways.

Missing the irony of what they speak.
For clearly they are relating the Devil’s number one play-

Causing one to hate God so clearly
set upon another’s face.

I wrote this poem and did this image because I am tired of sometimes operating from my most base emotions. Blind hate as I describe in the poem is one such example of a gut reaction by the lowest self. I am spiritual, but not religious. I do not serve my judgments of “right” and “wrong” in the arena of religion. However, we all contain everything within us and I am guilty of a “me” vs. “them” mentality in many areas of my life- the “Devil” at work.

A “Me” vs. “Them” mentality, even when it is supposedly justified by the “word of God”, is one of the basest places from which to engage in life.

All things, if we allowed them ( and our history has shown we have allowed a many number of things this luxury) can serve to divide and in turn, justify the most base actions.

What peace and harmony may be brought by such actions? I can not say I honestly desire such things, yet choose that which will garner neither.

You can not choose base emotions and expect love, peace, and joy to follow. Believe me, I have tried. Oh, Lord, I have tried.

There is a place for strong, gut reactions in life, and there is a place to take the higher road. May I continue to grow wise and learn to tell the difference.

The art piece speaks to this. I like the woman-figure rising up from the circle/rose. She is parting the waves of chaos into a new way of being. I admire her.