Warrior’s Heart

You are not here to “know” God,
for it is impossible to “un-know” God.



Kundalini Heart Opening

You ask serious questions, as if the answers can be found.
Your Soul is here to experience an opportunity.
There is nothing else to be known.

We are a culture of “do-ers” and “creators” and this often bleeds into our sense of Being. We out-create and out-manifest the calling of the Soul which is here to experience an opportunity, in whatever shape that occurs. No matter the situation, the Soul longs for the experience to be known.


me and my shadow

You ARE the Existence behind the Identity.

All identities are temporary, as we create and discard them as needed. The real beauty comes into play when you come to understand that you are the experience of Life that underpins all your identities.


There is no “Self” for God to recognize.
There is God and there is no thing other than God.

So many worry about defining themselves before God or are worried about actions that will somehow recognize and define God. God needs no such things. There is no “Self” for God to recognize, as All is God.