Artistic Redemption

Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising

My art has sucked all day.
Think- “mud brown” – for the color scheme I seemed intent on making.
My eyes were constantly deceiving me.
I would look at the picture and like it, and then I would see it in another light, or through my camera, and hate it.
I would look again and realize what I was imaging was not aligning with how the picture actually appeared.
Even my camera was not cooperating. I would take an image- it would look fine, only to upload it and realize the image was out of focus and shaky.

You know, sometimes I think the spirit is willing, but the body and mind are tired. I have been working on a very large project since June. I am down to having to complete ~43 key items during the month of December. (You know it it is bad when you are literally calculating number of items left, percentage of items completed, and so on. Have you ever found yourself doing that?)

I am tired of pushing and motivating myself.

My eyes were trying to show me today that I am just not seeing things as they are.

Finally, before I left for the day, I wanted to just play and the above image appeared. To me, it looks like kundalini rising.

This image reminded me of something. The fatigue of the body and mind are temporary, but no less real because of this temporal limitation Spirit, however, exists beyond such constraints of time. Spirit is always present, strong, and willing.

Sometimes, like my art showed me today, we need to be reminded that Spirit is stronger than any of our limitations.

Even if You Are doing Everything A** Backwards, Spirit Finds a Way…

…In some circles, this would be known as a Miracle.

Letting Go

Letting Go

Because God loved her so much
and because God believed in her- fully-

God never let her give up.

The only wish God had for her
was that she would come to learn

that she could, in fact, give up
some things to God.

She could release these things
with all the love, courage, and passion

she normally held on so tightly to them.

“Release them to Me,” God whisper came.
“Release them to Me”

And for some reason – who knows why-
She finally believed

She needn’t carry everything.

The other day I was doing kundalini yoga. The movement was simple. Sitting in easy pose, I reached out with one open hand. Once extended, I quickly closed the hand into a fist and pulled the elbow back to my side. Then repeated with the alternate hand, back and forth, in, out, in out, reach, grab, pull, reach, grab, pull.

The purpose of this motion is to pull the energy of the universe into your Being. Accompanying this movement was the mantra “Ek Ong Kar, Sat Guru Prassad//Sat Guru Prassad, Ek Ong Kar.” This is known as the Miracle Mantra and should not be used lightly.

As I was reaching and pulling, I thought of the mantra and how it is reversed within itself. And I had the sudden awareness- what if I reversed my thoughts in regards to this movement. Rather than reaching out with open hand to pull energy in, what if every time my open hand reached outward, I was releasing something to God?

I have always been hyper-responsible, believing I must do it All for Everyone. I learned on this day, perhaps my greatest strength lies in tapping into something beyond myself and releasing things.

The picture above speaks to this energy and I love it. At the bottom are the colors of red, orange, yellow, speaking to the lower/physical chakras. This energy is transformed into “blue spiritual fingers” releasing everything (the white/blue ball).

The gift of Spirit, the miracle of Life, if you will is that we are always learning. Spirit can use literally anything for evolution.

Where you feel stuck and hopeless and at your limits, Spirit simply sees the miracle of opportunity. Believe.

A Woman’s Power to Transform the World

A Woman Empowered

A Woman Empowered

By now it is probably pretty obvious that I believe it will be women who transform the world. The above image speaks to this belief.

In a dream a woman transformed the world.
Her right hand held the snake- symbol of awakening.
The slick green snake portending transformation ever since Adam and Eve.
Her left hand the swan.
The “Ham So, So Ham” of Hindu lore. Two beats of breath showing life.
A lotus grew around her neck.
Two vesica pisces emerged- one in head, one in neck. Both the sign to speak thoughts into words.
That was all she needed to transform her world.