Those who invoke destruction should be careful
to not awaken Kali- for Kali is willing to destroy in order to protect.

Those hell-bent on destruction are seldom aware that to invoke such powers often results in one’s annihilation.


When you look upon a statue of the Buddha, Christ, or…Do you understand what you are to see?

I like positive energy on my blog, so I decided to post this after this morning’s entry.



with your eyes of such innocence and devotion-

Glancing towards the iconic image-

Be it Buddha, Christ, Kali, Ganesh, Saints or more-

Do you have any idea of what you are looking for?


with your grave expression of seeking-

Holding the iconic image in heart and mind-

Be it Buddha, Christ, Kali, Ganesh, Saints or more-

Do you understand what you are to see?


With your gaze held steady are to understand

These images of which you hold dear

Are but mirrors

for You and all that You are to Be.


As the images cross your vision-

Be it Buddha, Christ, Kali, Ganesh, Saints or more-

View them in awe and remember

“The visions hold everything within me.”

The Issue of Abortion and the Billboard

I am sure by now we have all heard about the not-so- subtle, billboard-esque  calling out by the man, Mr. Fultz,  in NM of his ex-girlfriend.  Displayed in – what exactly is billboard-sized font?- larger than life text for all to see is his sense of betrayal by this woman who supposedly aborted the child he conceived with her.


What can one say of a man who clearly emulates an ability to handle life’s trauma with such style and grace?   One could think that this issue was a personal, private matter warranting heart-felt discussion.  Given what we have seen (clearly revealed by Mr. Fultz himself on the billboard), I would seriously question if Mr. Fultz is really “Father” material.

But this  isn’t a discussion of whether or not he is worthy to be a father, just as it is not right to discuss the worthiness of a potential mother.  What this is about is our absolute refusal to understand the simple biological fact that as long as women are the carriers of life, they will biologically (whether you agree morally or if there is legal right or not) have the possibility to end life without anyone else’s involvement or say.

We do not fear the miraculous act of conceiving, birthing, and giving of life that women do the world over.  In fact, sometimes women are only valued through these processes.  (Of course, a caveat in this whole scenario of birthing and giving of life is that she MUST be married.  ).  The real fear is never spoken, unless a legislative issue has reared its unsatiated head again.  What we fear in women, but have yet to admit, is woman’s awesome potential to not only beget life, but to end it.  For, she has the power to do both.

Despite our best efforts to legislate, regulate, and control (physically and psychologically),
the fact is life and death are inseparably linked.  Having been bestowed with the power to carry
life, the woman also carries the power to end life.  And for this we are so not prepared.  We want the Virgin Mary with her innocent countenance and welcoming grin.  Give us Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, and her habit of being depicted brandishing skulls and swords; and we react with confusion and outrage that feminine energy could be depicted as such.  Depicted it is, because it is the truth.

A woman’s ability to end life can not be fenced in by legislation driven by everyone’s fears.  Within the context that a woman can abort life (medically supervised or not), we are strongly (and
frighteningly) confronted with what we hold dear about our images of women, their lives, their bodies, and their (assigned) purpose in the world.  A woman has the ultimate power to end a life and she may have the audacity to use it.  And this, we absolutely can not handle.  And this is why women’s reproductive options are controlled and regulated like no other aspect of medicine.  For if there is anything we pride ourselves on about women, it is a woman’s maternal instinct and the absolute desire within her to self-sacrifice for another.  This fantasy is one of our favorites.  Entire worlds, including our own, have been built  upon this assumption.

Some will get up in arms (or literally take up arms) when a woman uses her legal
right (and biological possibility) to end an unwanted pregnancy.  “How dare she?” is the cry of the
self-righteous.  How dare she what?  Consciously and intelligently decide that for any number of reasons it would not be beneficial for her self or the possible child to be birthed into the world.  Furthermore, to act as if every pregnant woman (And is there a woman more vulnerable in the
world than one who is pregnant?) has a loving, supportive partner or society by her side to help and assist her when she bears her child is asinine.  If she aborts a child, she may being choose
her self over someone else; or she just may be using her God-given intelligence, compassion, and understanding to realize to birth this child would be wrong on many levels.  Maybe it is her maternalistic side (the side we are so in love with) realizing that in her current situation
she can not be the mother SHE longs to be.
A woman’s body and what she may do with it simply scares the hell out of everyone.