The Way

Hidden Message

Hidden Message

When Jesus said, “I am the Way”,
the word “only” was not inserted.

When Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father
except through me” the statement was so comprehensive
and inclusive, we missed its meaning.

Jesus had BECOME the Way. He EMBODIED the Way,
thus there was no route apart from Jesus.

The same is true for any enlightened Being. So when
a Christian sees a Muslim, the thought shall be “Ah, yes, yes, she is on the Way.”
When a Muslim sees a Jew, the thought shall be, “Ah, yes, yes, he is on the Way.”
When a Buddhist sees a Christian, the thought shall be, “Ah, yes, yes, she is on the Way.”

All are on the Way, as there is only One.

WE are not meant to be spiritual traffic cops, running after each others screaming, “You are going the wrong way!” All are on the WAY, join them.

In the name…

Light Pulls

Light Pulls

Jesus never did seek
thus, Jesus never did find
what many of men have since sought
and many of men have since found-
an enemy to be destroyed
in the name of Jesus.

I have always wondered at those who seek to fight the “enemies” of Jesus. Jesus was unity, the All. Thus,no enemies can exist separate from Jesus. Jesus knew this, yet we still do not.

Soul Mantra

Envy of the Birds

Envy of the Birds

In loss or suffering,

Remember the Soul mantra-

“I am the Phoenix reborn.”

Sometimes we wonder how people can possibly go on after profound suffering and loss. As I was walking (in a beautiful snow storm last evening) and saw the lights from our home, I thought to myself “I am the Phoenix” – that is how we are able to carry on.
Your Soul can not stay immersed in the ashes, when the call of the Soul is to Arise in transformation.

When Your Life is Different from What you Expected

Light of Life

Light of Life

I turned 40 several years ago, and of course, took some time to reflect on my life at that moment. I wrote the following…
At 40
When I was 40
I lost myself

Mirror, Mirror
On the Wall

Spoke and said I never had it

I dreamed a large
Virgin Mary
At this place

She cradled my skeletal remains
in her giant arms
Peace-filled smile upon her face

She rinsed my skeleton in the
River Styx
The smile broke and the tear fell

“oh this is where we get the River
Styx” my silly thought

of her making
she mouthed

“I wanted to bear WOMAN
Instead I bore Man”

I knew she knew the pain
At life of difference.

I had a dream with the Virgin Mary in it. She informed me that she had always wanted to birth a girl. I thought how different the trajectory of Christianity would be had Mary gotten her wish and birthed a girl.
I have always been soothed by images of the Virgin Mary- so complacent, centered, and aware, I have thought. In my dream, I could sense her pain that her life had turned out differently than she expected.

Who hasn’t had this experience? I like to believe when I pray to the Virgin Mary she understands our pain at a life that has turned out differently than expected. Such feelings are not wrong. The difference between the lives we expect and the lives we lead is a great impetus to awareness and growth. Tension exists in this difference which inspires some of our most profound thoughts and compassion. We all live a life different than planned and in that, like the Virgin Mary, we experience the miraculous unfoldment of life to be lived.