Being the Champion for Every Child

She Dances Freely

She Dances Freely

I once read in a magazine article that the preference of parents about to birth a child is to birth a boy. I wonder what this says about us as a culture and society. That one would be considered “better” than the other startles me. Being woman myself, perhaps my sensor is honed in keenly on this type of energy. Being a college professor of primarily female students may add to my sense of being a champion for the young girls I see, as does watching my stepdaughter grow up.

Not every woman feels this way. I have witnessed mothers of teenage girls begin to sense competition in the wind. The young, budding bodies a direct affront to what a grown woman will never reclaim. The following is a poem I wrote in reference to this energy.

Every young child in your life deserves you to protect them. Show them how awesome they are. Their simple beings are a gift to this world. May we help them heed their own destinies by being their greatest champions.

Woman’s call to the Young

Imminent domain
Consummate mother
So- why the rage?

Who did the bidding
Who teased that flame?

The flame you would use to uproot the soul within you
Never her, never her

Your crown not for the taking
Not all mothers love their daughters

Tiger- King of Beast, Protector of the Dead
Stalking you in heat

Slinky, feminine energy in undulating orange stripe
You – saggy breasted and womb worn
Defeated before milk flew through her breast bud

Young girl – keep up, keep up
Every woman’s call
Take the young ones – suckle and never leave
Mother them
Motherless daughters
The Wolf runs crying of destiny.