Flame of Creativity

Creative Potential

Creative Potential

Do not fan the flames
of Creativity,
be consumed by them.

As many of you know, my art often emerges from rather random squiggles and marks. I liked the figure that emerged here. I see her bowing and becoming subsumed by her creativity.
I think being consumed by the flames of creativity is the way of every artist.


Creative Spark



To witness the brightness of the creative spark,
you must be willing to sit in the darkness of unknowing.

I liked this image.
It made me think of the spark of creativity, and I don’t mean “creative” in simply an artistic sense.
We create in innumerable ways, as we grow, adapt and rise to the challenges of life.
Sometimes, we are in the “darkness” of unknowing and can’t get a sense of which direction to take next, whether in our art or in our lives.

We can not truly appreciate the brightness of the creative spark, however, without first being a bit in the dark.

The brighter the spark seems, the more likely we have been in the darkness.

Perhaps it is the darkness that truly allows the spark to grab our attention.




Truly, how significant can our
differences be-

When we are all traveling the same orbit
and falling
to the same destiny?

It is so easy to separate and define based on superficial differences, when our core journey is the absolutely the same for everyone.
How nice would it be if we could embrace, rather than separate, our fellow travelers?

Where it is Written?

Uncertain 2

Uncertain 2

Sometimes I wish my art spoke to me- just a few words, preferably with some verbs to let me in.

I create a piece and it stands- silent, asking for nothing in return.

I want to know meaning- and to be honest- purpose.

If I keep the piece, I want it to have a message, easily decoded.

I saw this as the masculine dipping down into the feminine.

A friend saw it as a mouth opened to scream in frustration.

I, too, had seen the uvula and wondered where it is written, when it has yet to be spoken, even in the quiet of the mind.




How can I miss you
when you show your Self

Exposure is your choice
Not a concern of mine

What I dislike and am
required to stand against

is that with your exposure
you expect to control my Mind

This is a figure laying on one side with a leg raised, exposing him or her self. I was going to draw in genitalia, but I didn’t like what it added to the picture, so I took it out.

It is playing with the idea of exposure of one’s self during this age where we have the potential to reveal so much more of ourselves to so many more people.

I see this as a sword that cuts both ways.

We, collectively, have learned so much from those who were once hidden (forced into hiding) having a venue to expose themselves.

Revealing such matters is an act of sacred power in my mind- simply because what has been seen can not be unseen. You may not like what you see, but you can not now un-see it. And someone by exposing themselves is staking a claim to this power (and risk) and claiming- “You will see me now”.

On the other hand, this exposure, of course, can be used by some to manipulate and control our perceptions. Some confuse exposing one’s self with controlling how one will be perceived by another. As in, “You will see ME this way NOW.”

I may not have the choice to “un-see” something once seen. BUt, I will always have the choice in how I think of such exposure.

The Art of Exploration

There seems to be such a sense of exploration in so many of the blogs I read.
To continue on with that spirit,
I seldom post in this manner, but in the past day or so, I completed several images.
Normally, I would post each picture separately with a bit about what I felt it represented.
That, for some reason, doesn’t seem right today.
I will likely write later about what these represent to me- or maybe not.
Or maybe I will just listen to what you think they mean.

I love the diversity they show.

Here’s to following your Inner Artist and the path it chooses to take.





Human Race

Human Race

Birth of a Human in Symbolic Form, along with a Big Shout Out… :)

Birth of a Human

Birth of a Human

To be human is to walk the balance between the innate, blue swirl of Spirit while being touched by the sharped-edged, yellow lines of the Material.

I liked this image. We always need to remember we are human- with both a Spiritual and Material component.

Too often, I think we judge our “human” “physical” selves as somehow lacking. Lack is a part of human-ness. So are mistakes, shortcomings, success, awareness, balance, triumph, keen insight, and ridiculous confusion. It all gets rolled into one as Spirit and Material play against one another.

I like how the image plays with these ideas.

I also (this gives me goosebumps) want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to the individuals who noted and helped my stepson. Sometimes, I wonder if I should say or do the things I do- such as writing a blog about where abused children may turn for help. And sometimes by a miracle, the prayer is heard 🙂 I don’t want to name any names or give further information but I did want to acknowledge their help here (not that they will ever read this blog, but I wanted to put my gratitude out there)- THANK YOU.

Compulsive Writers and Readers

Soul Vision

Soul Vision

Digging through some cupboards this morning, packing my bag for the day.
No room in the small space, shoved a box of Glutino crackers on its side into the shelf.

Noted some simple writing on the bottom.

“Compulsive writers appreciate compulsive readers.”

The joy of blogging world on the bottom of a Glutino box.

You could probably split the world into those who compulsively read and those who do not. Personally, I have never held complete trust in those who don’t like to read. There is always something questionable about these types in my mind.

I will read anything and everything at any time. I have been known to bring my Kindle into the theater during children’s movies. I found the experience to be less painful that way.

Here’s to all who compulsively write and read. I like think we make the world a better place.

And also a shout out to Glutino and the “Universe” for finding the most creative ways to get us the messages we need.