Publishing?…Does your book have These?



Every creator has this hope-
that his or her creation will be strong enough to walk out into the world on its own, with an eye for the right journey.

I wanted to celebrate sending off the book proposal, and I liked this image. You have to trust your creations enough to let them go. They should have “feet” of their own in which to engage the world and an eye for where they belong.

I liked in the image that it looks like the book figure is walking in a stream. I did not intend that but it made me think of the stream of consciousness.


My Author Interview

Copyright: Post Independent, Glenwood Springs

Copyright: Post Independent, Glenwood Springs

One of the blogs I have enjoyed during the past several months is Kev’s Blog.

Kev is a writer living in the UK. To say he is multi-talented is an understatement. But, where I have connected with him is first through his writing. I just finished his book Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear.

But it is not just that Kev is an author. He does an outstanding job encouraging and promoting other authors, along with his own work.

I mean, you know how you see someone doing something and it seems so natural to them, that is how I have always felt when I see how he integrates creativity and promotion.

He is constant champion for other authors. He provides a venue for author interviews and SENDS YOU MATERIALS AND EVERYTHING with how to go about completing the author interview. He will even help you format the material, correct mistakes, etc.

Given we are all so busy, how wonderful of a gift is that to give of one’s time and creative energy to helping others.

Unless you have tried it yourself, never take for granted how difficult it is to be strong both in a creative and promotional sense. They are not one in the same as far as skill sets go. I have learned a great deal from Kev in how he has handled these things.

Which of course leads me to this- Kev was kind enough one day to ask if I had ever considered doing an author interview. He even sent me a link with all of the materials needed.

I wrote back, ever clueless, “Hi Kev, such an interview engenders a great deal of fear for me.”


At this point, Kev, being the kind person he is, said, “There is nothing to be afraid of. Don’t worry.”

( I am sure he was internally likely thinking- “My gosh, I am just here trying to provide promotional opportunities for writers. I am not your psychotherapist for heaven’s sake.” – I am not saying Kev did think that, I could just totally understand if he did.)

Here is the link for my author interview on Kev’s gracious blog.

Thank you so much Kev!!

Note about photo: I wanted to attach a photo of myself to this blog. However, I am at the wrong computer and don’t have any self-images, so I thought that I would look up my name on the internet to see if I could find a photo. (It is recommended you do this every once in awhile to make certain no strange/harmful information is being posted about you. )

Although it is recommended by others, I don’t know if I would recommend this approach. If you are like me, when you Google your name and images, you will see a ton of images of people with your name who are way better looking than you and seem to be having a lot more fun in life than you ever will.

The photo is taken with our then college President giving me the faculty of the year award.