Spirit Becoming

Spirit Becoming

Breathe in time differently

The other day, I was scanning through some pages and came across something about food being different in New Orleans. I am not sure how it lead me to come with the above statement, but it did.

And it has been my mantra over the past few days. “Breathe in time differently”. Whenever I say that to myself, I can feel myself relaxing.

“Breathe in time differently”- We don’t have to run around breathing as if it were our last gasp. The universe unfolds in its own time. Hyperventilating will not hurry it along, nor will holding our breath in fear keep it from moving along.

When we breathe in time differently, we find the natural rhythm of it all.

On a side note, I have been dreaming a lot about hamsters and gerbils. I looked up their symbolic meaning and found it to be “communing and healing”. I have always been a fairly quiet, independent type, but over the past month I have been blessed with people coming out of no where to “see” and support me. I am not sure how open I have always been to receiving such kindness, but I am learning to embrace support in all its beautiful forms.

Centipede-ing along



This little guy appeared to me in a dream. It’s supposed to be a centipede, or my artistic version of one.
I did not know that centipedes have a poisonous bite, are the totem of Chiefs, and in China are viewed as the archenemy of the snakes and have served to warn and protect others from snakes.
In this way, the centipede is viewed as a protector of psychic deception.

Centipedes also demonstrate a profound ability to survive stress.

Cinnamon Moon states of centipedes- “Theirs is the energy of quiet protection in psychic exploration.”

How beautiful is that? “Quiet protection in psychic exploration”.

We all need this.

For so many of you, I read your words and I see you as the centipede- multi-legged (multi-faceted) with antennae (psychic connections) crawling along daring to challenge the symbolic “snakes” in your lives.

Who would think that the lowly centipede could be the archenemy of a snake and who would think you, with your kind, innocent ways, would dare to challenge the demons in your life? 🙂

Weigh Your Heart Gently

Weigh the Heart

Weigh the Heart

And well, I guess we are back to animal totem/heart pictures for now 🙂

Baboons figured prominently in the symbolism of Ancient Egypt. Often associated with the god Thoth, who played a role in the judgment of the dead, the Baboon was sometimes shown as sitting upon the scales that weighed the heart of the dead against a feather.

The heart was to be so unburdened and true it was to weigh less than a feather.

I am playing with that image here. To me, the Baboon represents our wild, baser self and I am wanting each of us to weigh our hearts in kindness in regards to some of aspects of ourselves.

None of us are perfect. We make mistakes, we err, we suffer, we hurt. We can be flippant. We can be mean. We can be self-serving and we can also be self-sacrificing.

If we can learn to be compassionate with all that comprises us, we may just find our hearts to be a little lighter. It does not mean that we don’t keep striving to become more aware. It simply means we do not place additional weight upon our hearts when we mess up.

If we could hold our hearts in kindness as we weigh them against perfection, which can never be attained, we may find that our hearts are lighter than we expected.

Who Let the Snake Out? … Overcoming the Fear of Change



Who let the snake out?

Snakes represent awakening and kundalini energy. They can also indicate our lowest natures.

In this picture, we see a stoic rabbit sitting and watching a display of power that we are not sure how it will end.

An egg is sitting in a chair, nice and comfy. However, the egg still does not feel secure. Attached to its head is an umbrella/parachute in case it were to fall. Will this really prevent the egg from cracking? Probably not, but the egg likes to believe in fantasy.

The egg can represent our fragile sense of self. We want to “crack our shells” and grow and change, but we are just not sure we want to fully commit to it. We want a parachute to catch us if we fall.

Life, though, has other plans.

Even if we are symoblically ensconced in a comfortable chair, our awakening (the snake) will find a way to emerge.

Our awakening may crawl out from under the chair, much to the surprise of everyone.

And once the snake emerges, once you begin changing your life, there is no putting the snake back in its place.

The rabbit in the image represents overcoming our fear of change. According to Jamie Sams in Medicine Cards, the rabbit symbolically represents fear.

(When I did a card spread with these cards, I came up with my central power animal totem and the rabbit was what I selected. I was so excited! I had images of abundance and fertility dancing in my head. Imagine my surprise when I read the rabbit represents “fear”. Lovely- my central power animal symbolizes “Fear”. I had imagined something more formidable. 🙂 )

But to exist in the face of fear is one of our greatest powers, isn’t it? The rabbit shows you can be afraid, you can be fear, and still you will survive.

In the image, the rabbit should be fleeing the snake. Instead, the rabbit holds its ground (something rabbits will do- they will completely freeze when threatened). Without movement, they are hoping to remain undetected.

So, let the snake of awakening emerge in your life. Be the rabbit-seeing it all and remaining still, observing the changes.

You may feel fear, but don’t allow it to push you to flee. Stand your ground, be immovable for a bit, and allow the snake of awakening to move along its way.

Okay, this was a funny picture to emerge and develop. Who knows what it all means? This is just one interpretation that came to me. Obviously, the picture in some ways got away from me. I don’t think anyone would sketch this out with intent 🙂

This is How a Woman does TRUE BEAUTY

True Beauty

True Beauty

Oh, you may label Her
with your biting tongue and snake-like ways

You may label her “ugly” with teeth “too big”
You may speak of her ears, as if she could not hear

And oh, that skin, with a hue that never wins
You will belittle her in your mean-spirited ways

But what, what will this woman hear?
Not a word that you hold so dear

For She is a woman of True Beauty
where words have no meaning

blinded as we are by the
Light of Her Being.

I LOVE this little character. She is a sign to me, after having my character and Spirit “attacked” (as if that could happen) by my stepchildren’s mother, that we should never fear our Light and our Light shines through no matter what.

A woman of True Beauty can take on it all and transform it. You can sling mud-filled words at her and she will stand firm trusting in her own light.

A month or so ago I wrote on this blog that I am beginning to see myself (in a healthy way) as a mother to my two stepchildren. I am finally honoring the energy I give to them as “mothering” energy. Once I made that awareness and in a sense formed a contract with myself to honor this energy, I realized that in situations such as this, I want to show my stepchildren how a woman of True Beauty handles something like this.

I want them to understand that no matter what someone tries to do to you, that you have the power to choose, to stand up for yourself and embrace your own Beauty. No one, and I mean, no one can take this beauty away from a woman true to her power.

Many would not find a llama particularly beautiful- but look at her in this picture- she does not know this. Her light is so bright- you see it first. She does not hide. This act of Being one’s Light is the the act of True Beauty of which we all seek.

When I looked up llama symbolism, I came across this “You are reminded to view yourself with compassion and love.”

A woman of True Beauty lives this for she knows she is the Goddess incarnate and nothing could be more beautiful.
This image came to me in a strange way. I was in my yard and looked across the field at a tree/bush. I looked and I thought “Wow, it can’t tell if it wants to be a llama or a peacock.” So I drew both.

I also told my husband this story and he said, “Wow! It’s a llama-cock.” (Proving to me one’s again there is a part of male humor that never moves past the age of 12 🙂 ).

Perimeter Control by the God/Goddess: You are Protected



Okay, so things have gotten a bit bizarro in art world. This was to be a beautiful buffalo. (Or as beautiful as I can make it.) But, then the face emerged.

I saw the face as feminine at first- almost uterine in shape. But then the shape of a heart emerged, with penetrating eyes. And devil-like horns grew upon the head.

The head with a yellow opening above the 3rd eye, the ajna chakra, letting light in and out of the all-seeing eye.

Oh, this is a wise, wise beat.

Combining the mass and presence of the powerful Buffalo-body, with the feminine (uterine/heart)-shaped face.

And the horns upon the head? The male aspect of protection emerges. Although, females do have symbolic horns internally- the proper name of the fallopian tubes is the “uterine horns”.

The horns play a trick. Not typical animal horns, but more reminiscent of the Celtic god, Cernunnos. Such penetrating intensity.

I labeled the picture “stalking”, but that had negative connotations for me.

What more correctly came to mind is when certain animals, such as the German Shephed, do “perimeter control”. They will pace back and forth protecting their territory from any perceived threat.

The image speaks of this energy to me. This is the God/Goddess incarnation I want protecting me and my perimeter.

There is wiseness in the face and knowingness. The yellow ajna chakra speaks of vision and warmth. I am not alone, nor are you.

Sometimes when we have less than positive people and energy in our lives, we can feel beaten down, vulnerable, and constantly on-guard for the anticipated attack.

To me, animals are the God/Goddess spirit incarnated. Although this “beast” is a compilation of many forms, it speaks to me and I hope it does to you.

Let us pretend for today, energetically, this symbolic form protects our perimeters. We need do nothing more than place our hearts in its care.

The perimeters of our Hearts (truly the most important place to protect) is monitored by the God/Goddess in all its forms.

I am Woman…And This is How I Survive



I am Woman of a Queenly-Size

You may blind Me
You may bind Me

And still, still, I will Survive

The Owl-Like Wisdom of Woman
does not reside in my Eyes.

The Owl-Like Wisdom of Woman
does not reside in my Ears.

The Owl-Like Wisdom is Inside Me.
I am woman born to Survive.

Blind and deaf you would mute Me
and I with Blind man eyes

and Silent Ears will Fly
with Talons extended to capture and kill.

Survival, as Woman-born, has always
been my innate skill.

Sometimes I don’t know how we do it, how we survive it all as women. You read one story after another of women being attacked, murdered, raped, and stoned. And still the feminine principle of the world marches on.

Women have been shackled, cursed, and spat upon and still survival mounts its charge within Her.

And I wonder how this comes about. What enables a woman – who is made metaphorically blind, who is lied to to a point her ears may as well be silenced- find her way in the darkness?

In some ways, this picture represents me. As a stepmom to two children who have a mother that demonstrates narcissistic behaviors, I am metaphorically blinded and bound all the time. The lies and manipulations go on and on and on…. I think any who have experienced abuse know what I am talking about. You wonder if you may survive, let alone triumph.

I hope this picture speaks to you as it does me.

I like to believe women are born with an innate wisdom of the Ages deep inside (the Owl). And like the picture shows, although the owl is blinded and wearing earmuffs (my stepson loved that part :)) she balances on one talon, capturing and killing the snake, as she survives.

Normally, snake symbolism is very positive for me. But, each contains its opposite, and in this image the snake represents the lowest energetic form.

The owl is a feminine symbol, tightly linked to survival. In this image, even blind and deaf (i.e. you can try to remove all of Her powers) and still she survives.

Not only does She survive, She triumphs.

She beheads the snake and kills the lowest nature within Her. And she stands triumphantly upon the stone lingam. (Phallic symbol of power, particularly Shiva). (Interestingly a mudra exists in which the fingers wrap around the thumb. The thumb represents the lingam, while I like to think the snake in my picture represents the fingers wrapping around it.)

In this picture, the Owl (feminine) does not bow to any other powers. Instead, with claw and talon intact, She stands above it all.

This is how She has survived. She understands Her Power Inside.

If there is any one out there currently blinded, bound, and off balance, please know you have the strength inside to survive. It is the wisdom of the Ages that is a part of you.

You Can Not Miss Your Light

The Raven Comes

The Raven Comes

A Raven came from the Night
Unafraid of the Dark
Given his own Hues

He was willing, for Me,
To swim the Blackness
And pull the Light

If I missed the gift,
lost as I was,
the Raven never faltered

But swore to make another Pass
The light of my Dawning Star
carried by the Blackest of Knights.


First, I want to apologize for posting so much. Every day, it seems, I am depositing something in your blog reader. It’s just that the art momentum carries us along with its own energy. I have learned if I do not move forward and push out, those waiting in line for expression begin to back up.

I know this is happening. I could not sleep last night and kept thinking of Archangel “Hazel”. I do not think there is anything such as Archangel “Hazel”. But I did look up Hazel tress and learned, unsurprisingly, the Hazel tree is the tree for creative artists. So, this is to honor the Hazel within each of us, an its continual branching out of expression.

I have always liked Ravens- with their insistence on being so “black”. Of course, black itself is not their true color. Many pigments color their feathers, but they are willing to absorb all of these colors. That is what I like about Ravens- they seem impervious to it all. Throw something at them, and they absorb it.

And because Ravens are so comfortable with “blackness” and “darkness”, they are potent symbols for us. Too often, we fear our own “darkness”. We hide it, cover it, disguise it, ignore it, bury it and so on. But the Raven shows us otherwise. It embraces the darkness, and in doing to, the Raven is set free to fly into the dark Night.

And in the Dark Night, the Raven is able to fly amongst the Stars of Light. My image shows the Raven pulling one of the Lights free and carrying it in its beak as it circumnavigates the Earth.

In carrying this Light, the Raven is symbolizing the Light which rises within each of us, as the Sun does each day.

The Raven in this image is sent to reassure us that we can not ever truly miss our Light.

Even if we can not turn to our Light on a particular day, the Raven says “Never worry. I will cycle back to you again. Maybe then you will be ready to take the gift I offer you – Your Divine Light, pulled from Heaven’s stars.”

If you ever feel you have missed an opportunity to be your best, most brightest self. Don’t worry. Another opportunity is coming your way. The darkness is simply your chance to find Your Light.

You are Allowed to Save A Little For Yourself



So the other day, I did something nice for myself. Really nice. Because it was for me and not for someone else, the act required consciousness and awareness. Had the act of kindness been directed towards another person, I would have compulsively done it.

I had planned on blogging about this particular act and how the trumpets of Heaven sounded that I had taken myself into consideration first. And, then, I realized how sad that was. Do I really do and care for myself so little that completing one act for myself warrants a 500 word blog?


This is not how it is supposed to be. Can you imagine God (however you see that to be) creating us in such a manner that we don’t even notice or care for ourselves in kind, compassionate, and loving ways? From where did we get the self-sacrificing, I must give, give, give mantra that so many of us follow in life?

The image of a squirrel came to me for my art work. I drew it, but rather than a nut, the squirrel is holding a vesica pisces (union).

In this image, the squirrel is “hoarding” the light of the sun shown by the vesica pisces. The squirrel is boldly hanging on to this piece, keeping it for itself.

The squirrel is not worried about giving it back or taking “too much”, as I tend to do.

In fact, they say a squirrel only uses about 10% of the nuts it hides. Some would say this is wasteful and an oversupply for the self.

Nature does not see it this way. The nuts the squirrel does not use are primed and ready to give life in a different way as they may germinate into seedlings.

Where we may fear we are taking too much and be driven compulsively to give, the balance of Nature shows us a different story.

There is enough light for each of us. And the energetic exchange of life manifests in a number of beautiful, balanced ways. Part of that balance is that we are willing to give, yes, but the blessing is also in that we are willing to receive and take. Only then is the cycle complete.

Any abundance of love, hope, and compassion you have received is not wasted. You are allowed to hang onto it and “hoard” it for yourself. THink of the squirrel and all of its “wasted” nuts waiting to become trees. The same will emerge from your accepting of the love bestowed upon you.

Protecting Your Sacred Value



My stepson has been all over my art as of late, in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

I initially sketched out this bear picture. Later, I came back and saw a paw-shaped addition near the bear. I asked my stepson if he had added it. At first, he said, “No” and then, “Well, maybe, maybe I walked past it and it smudged, and it smudged into a shape of a paw. Maybe…” 🙂 I kept it in place to honor him.

My stepson has never been a confident child and his insecurities only seem to grow as he is almost ready to enter puberty ( a time of massive transformation and awakening).

I did not begin this picture for him, yet his energy pervades.

The image speaks of awakening (the flying snake) and the confidence required to embrace our awakening.

For strength, I used solar symbols (the yellow sun and solar-shaped and colored eyes of the bear). Solar energy speaks to hope, movement, and evolution.

I see so many living their lives in accordance to solar energy. But the thing that happens as we change and evolve, because it is all so “new”, is that we can feel as if we are vulnerable and don’t quite know what to do.

The energy of awakening, the dropping of lies, the speaking of our own truths, the embracing of our own bodies, minds, and spirits can be at both once exhilarating and terrifying.

As we each contain everything, the picture speaks to finding the protective energy within you.

You are not as vulnerable or alone as you may imagine yourself to be.

Within each of us is the a protective Mama Bear (one of the most potent symbols I know of protection- if you have ever witnessed – from a far, far distance I hope- a Mama Bear protecting her cub).

A Mama Bear does not care if she protects her cub in the “right” manner. Nor does she care if she is “too aggressive” or “overpowering” or “awkward” or “threatening.”. She does not think any of these things, because she firmly believes in her one focus- to protect that which is of sacred value to her.

I hope you feel the same in your life as you awaken and emerge into a new way of Being.

Don’t allow yourself to feel too overexposed. IF you are saying and doing things you have never done before, well, then, ask and call up the Protector energy within you.

Believe in your own awakening and your ability to handle whatever may emerge. You are protected.