The Truth is truly Free… While Lies will Cost you Dearly (aka How Liars Become such Angry, Exhausted, Bitter People)

For Her, The Truth is No Burden

For Her, The Truth is No Burden

For me, the Truth has mass and weight. There is solidity to the Truth, making it immovable and unalterable. The Truth is what it is. In my mind’s eye, I see the Truth as a solid, red square.

When you are in alignment with the Truth, the Truth is not a burden. Even it is solidity, the Truth is light in energy and principle. The Truth requires nothing from us. Thus, when we engage in the Truth, we are free.

Now, let us look at those who choose to live in lies. (Not the simple lies we tell in order to make ourselves and others feel better, but the devastating lies to mislead, control, and induce fear.)

When someone is choosing to lie, they are of course not in line with the Truth. In A Course in Miracles, it states, “Nothing real can be threatened.”

And here is what happens for those who lie. The Truth is real and can not be threatened. Lies are not real, and thus, are ALWAYS under threat.

We have lived and continue to live histories of lies on a personal and global level. There was a time when the lie that people of the Jewish faith were destroying the world was believed to the point of creating the sustaining the Holocaust. There was a time when the lie was told that people of a particular color were so worthless that their only worth could be extracted by having them serve others. Such lies- one after the other.

But, the Truth remained. Sometimes, much to our horror, clouded over and somewhat hidden by these crazy lies, but forever present, and forever waiting, with eternal patience, for our visions to clear the clouds, so finally we may see what was before our eyes all this time.

In my mind’s eyes, I see lies as black, dark vapor clouds. For liars, each and every day, and perhaps every moment, requires an input of energy into the creation and sustenance of these clouds.

Why? Because the clouds of lies are not real!! Without the liars input of energy, the liar knows that these clouded lies, being not real, will fall apart and fade away.

Thus, the liar is caught having to sustain something that is not real and the only way to sustain something not real is to put continual energy into it. Why? Because the lie, being not real, is incapable of sustaining itself.

The next time you are with someone who perpetually lies, notice how angry, bitter, and exhausted this person is. And think about this person and his or her day- how he or she must create and manage this dark, vapor cloud of lies for the lies to continue to exist. Imagine the care, the energetic cost and drain upon this individual as he or she tries to maintain these false entities.

And, this is what we do if we choose to lie to ourselves. When we lie, we must expend exorbitant amounts of energy maintaining something that was never meant to exist anyway. The lie is not real, and thus under constant threat and so extracts energy from us.

The Truth will set your free because it requires no energy from you. Lies will cost you greatly, because they require everything from us, simply to exist.