Within every Soul is the ability to transmute perceived entanglements into actions of Love.

This is the gift of God and the blessing of each.

Let each action be an extension of your Love into the world. You will lose nothing in this sharing, while others capably receive.


Union with the Divine.

The “drop” at the top represents the pituitary gland, sitting in the sella turcica.

Awakening occurs on all dimensions, including the tissues of the physical.

Be gentle with yourself.

You will lose nothing, only gain, through this procees.


Because a stressor for me remains to be a sense that I am not meditating or silent “enough” ( all a trick of the Mind), I use

The mantra, “This, too, is of God” for whatever activity I am doing.

It would be wonderful to be in “meditation” 24/7. But, we define “meditation” so narrowly. Life is about the Union of God, always. Any action is meditative, when the Mind is quieted, so the Soul may speak.


The God you know has never withheld anything from you.

The Kingdom of Heaven is yours. Not because you have done anything special, but rather you have existed, as an act of creation, to be loved .


You have created nothing.

Behind every action is the energy of the Soul, propelling your movements forward.

Connect with this energy, rather than with the sense of the creative, egoic “I”.