Letting Go

I was struck again with the thought yesterday of how much we attempt to carry well past the time of what we are carrying has transpired.

I was thinking of myself and how I continue to carry the medical issues of a loved one as if they are happening “here and now” rather than when they actually happened – 2 months ago. I am not saying that we deny what has transpired, but rather we come to understand what carrying around each and every event as if it is happening right in the moment does to us.

If I asked you to think back on the past 24 hours and carry everything that happened in the past 24 hours with you right now- it would exhaust you.

Yet, this is how we often operate.

When I talked talked with my loved one about this, she stated that she had started thinking of her medical procedures in the following way – the ones that were done, she packed them into a mental backpack. When she felt worried or felt she was re-experiencing these events, she simply imagined taking off the back pack and dropping it to the floor.

I realize we are all impacted my memories and that is o.k. Many of our memories serve a purpose and a way of understanding the world.

However, we are not built to continue to pack up these events and carry them around with us all the time. I think of the pandemic. Many experienced lockdowns and more in March 2020. We are now about 18 months into this process of living during a pandemic. Some, though, attempt to carry the last 18 months with them wherever they go.

Again, not that we forget what transpired, but rather we come to understand what our minds and psyches can appropriately carry in order to live our best lives. Sometimes, once things have transpired, we simply need to take them off our minds and let them go, creating space for newness to arise.

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