The Mind is for our survival. It has grown to think it is essential for our salvation.  The Mind will not be our salvation.

The Mind’s primary role, and perspective, is our survival. The Mind processes all events and circumstances of your life relative to your own survival. Sometimes, this survival instinct can, of course, be overridden when one’s sacrifices their own life for the life of another.

The problem, though, arises when we allow the survival-instinct of the Mind to guide our spiritual development. The Mind takes the principles of daily survival and extrapolates them into eternal salvation. Somehow, the Soul’s “survival” comes under the working so the Mind. The Soul does not require such “survival” thoughts from the Mind. Salvation was created by the Mind to continue its survival story. The Soul needs no such salvation.

4 thoughts on “Survival

  1. This was really wonderful to read! In the modern world we tend to believe we are our brains, and our minds are everything. But it was not always so, just a few hundred years ago people wrote wonderful hymns about our bowels, which makes us laugh today, but our bowels were seen as where our heart and our soul resided. Ancient Egyptians would carefully mummify the dead and preserve each organ, except the brain which they just threw out as serving no real purpose. Modern science is just beginning to catch on to the fact that we are not like computers at all, that our brain is really just a processing unit and not the essence of who we are.

    • wow! thank you for the wonderful response. I did not know that about the bowels. I find it interesting how the human perspective changes, and as it changes the “new” way of thinking is seen so ABSOLUTELY right. We would be so better served to be able to incorporate additional ways of understanding the world into our perspective. Thank you for teaching me something!

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